Socedo to Release a New and Streamlined Campaign Management Experience

We are starting off 2017 by giving you a more streamlined experience for setting up, managing and reporting on your Socedo campaigns. Starting sometime next week, you’ll see a new user interface when you sign into Socedo. Here’s a preview of what you can expect.

1. A new workflow for setting up a campaign

We’ve redesigned and simplified the process for setting up a new campaign. When you start to create a new campaign, you’ll notice links to articles to help you answer questions along the way.

2. Update a keyword and instantly get a preview of who is in your campaign

As you enter new criteria keywords, you can hit “Refresh” at any time to see the volume of your target audience and get a preview of the prospects your keywords are picking up. You can add or remove any keyword and immediately see how the action affects your prospect pool.

3. Fine-tuned controls over your campaign settings and users

Now, each account has two roles – the Account Admin and the User. As an Account Admin, you can see and update your campaign configurations, quota and users at any time.

As an Account Admin, you’ll be able to add a teammate/client or remove him from a campaign at any time, while still maintaining control over your campaign configuration, plan quotas and integration settings.

As an admin, you can now easily update your billing information or upgrade your plan.

4. Cleaner and more advanced reports

With the new reporting interface, it’s now easier to understand campaign performance and identify optimization opportunities. You can now search for any keyword or sort along several dimensions to see how a particular keyword is performing.

You can also skim through the DMs you’ve sent and see how each one performed.

If you’re already using Socedo, once you see the new UI, let us know what you think.

If you’re not using Socedo yet, start a trial today to find your target prospects on Twitter.

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