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It's time to stop treating all your leads the same way. We'll show you how you can use Socedo and intent data to reach qualified buyers, faster.

Ask us about our risk-free trial and get a proof of concept for your business. As part of the proof of concept, we will:

  • Begin with a needs assessment and discovery call
  • Show you how to build lead lists informed by social intent data
  • Give you a sample report of leads with social intent data  
  • Discover how to integrate real-time social media activities into your marketing automation platform or CRM

Become a 10X marketer with the power of social intent data from Socedo

Customer Testimonials

“Socedo has proven to be a worthwhile investment for MuleSoft. Not only have we experienced a 21% reduction in our cost per lead through Twitter, the targeting from LinkedIn works well and the matching is accurate.”

Shohil Kothari, Digital Marketing Manager, MuleSoft

“Socedo is helping us understand which of our existing leads are actively engaging, or have previously engaged with our Twitter handles and what they’re saying  The social data they provide on leads helps us identify warm leads in real-time so that the social media team can qualify leads directly on social, as well as lead score organic social engagements. We can now finally see the role that social plays in our prospects’ buying journey.”

-Phil Amato, Marketing Manager, Microsoft

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