Using Blocking Groups

Why You May Need Blocking Groups

If you maintain two or more campaigns, Socedo may find the same prospect as a match in multiple campaigns owned by the same account.

For example, if you’re targeting marketers, and set up a campaign to reach people who #demandgen and set up another campaign to reach people who mentioned “content marketing”, some prospects may show up in both campaigns. These prospects may receive duplicate direct messages from your campaigns. If you follow the same person in two or more campaigns, and he or she does not follow you back, Socedo by default will automatically unfollow the person in 72 hours, which can come across as strange and annoying.

To help you avoid sending the same prospect messages, or sending different messages from the similar Twitter handle, or following and unfollowing a prospect unnecessarily, we’ve introduced Campaign Membership Blocking.

How Campaign Membership Blocking Works

By putting multiple campaigns into the same Campaign Membership blocking group, you ensure that once one campaign within the group has engaged with a lead, no other campaign within the group will engage with that lead.

You can put all of your Socedo campaigns under one blocking group, or make multiple groups to allow each campaign group to discover and engage once with a given lead.


Delay Campaign Membership

If you do not wish to block Campaign Membership (which prevents any lead that’s been approved within one campaign to be discovered by any other campaign within the same blocking group), you could choose to delay campaign membership.

Delaying Campaign membership means that you set a timer for when a campaign within the blocking group can discover a lead a second time within the group. Once the allotted number of days have passed from the time of the first direct message, any campaign in the blocking group can discover a lead a second time.

If you choose to use Delay Campaign Membership, we recommend keeping the suggested 30-day delay window. Our preliminary research shows that people on average can just remember the messages they’ve received within the past 30 days.

Delay Campaign Membership

If you are fine with one prospects being discovered by multiple campaigns, but you don’t want to have multiple campaigns to send direct messages to the same prospect, you can choose to block duplicate messages.

Once you create a duplicate message blocking group, it ensures that any lead present in this group of campaigns will receive only one message, from the first campaign to send that message.

With a duplicate message blocking group, you can choose the Always Block option so that your campaigns will never send the same lead more than one message. Or you delay sending and choose to wait a certain number of days before allowing sending a lead a second message.

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