The Most Popular Digital Marketing Stack

B2B marketers are using Socedo to grow their social media presence, drive traffic, and build their email list. While there is a strong correlation between social growth and the impact on other channels, such as SEO, the best marketing strategy doesn’t just rely on one tactic. As Romi Mahajan, Director at Blueprint Consulting, states in a prior post, marketing deserves a healthy mix of channels and strategies.

Similarly, in order to fuel this mix, marketers need multiple technology solutions. We partnered with G2 Crowd to look at the most popular tools and platforms used by customers just like ours to grow their digital marketing strategy.

G2 Crowd is the go-to source for B2B software and services reviews with over 375,000 real-user reviews verified through LinkedIn to drive better purchasing decisions. Business professionals, buyers, investors, and analysts use the site to compare and select the best software and services based on peer reviews and synthesized social data.

G2 Crowd helps buyers learn about software at a higher level, compare tools and identify a few tools (or the exact tool) that they intend to buy before ever talking with a company’s sales team. G2 Crowd is an all-in-one software education resource.

The Most Popular Digital Marketing Stack

Here are the most popular digital marketing tools based on the satisfaction scores from real-user reviews of the top digital marketing categories on G2 Crowd:

Attribution – Bizible
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Content Marketing – Outgrow
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Digital Analytics – Google Analytics
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Email Marketing – MailChimp
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Email Signature – Sigstr
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Influencer Marketing – Dovetale
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Lead Generation and Capture – FormAssembly
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Marketing Automation – HubSpot
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Social Media Management – Zoho Social
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The list above is anything but exhaustive of the best tools and platforms for B2B marketers. Continue your research on G2 Crowd to compare tools against each other and find the perfect fit to solve your business needs.

If growing a social media presence, increasing website traffic, or building an email database is on your list of priorities, check out how Socedo can help in a free trial, or read what other marketers are saying about Socedo on G2 Crowd, such as Alena at Lenovo: “We use Socedo to support all of our KPIs. We’re easily using social to identify new leads on a daily basis and drive lead completions on our website.”

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