The Future of Automation in Social Media

Quick poll: how many of you have more than one social network account? I’m sure most of us are bobbing our heads yes, or mentally raising our hands. In this day and age, it is completely normal, if not essential, to be present on more than one social network. Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, SlideShare, Tumblr, … Read more

5 Habits for Social Selling in 2022

As we enter the New Year head-on, it’s natural to reflect on the past. We learn from our mistakes and hope to implement the solutions in the new year. This is why we set goals, pledge resolutions, and commit to new habits. Just like you, we want our year with social media to be our … Read more

Case Study: Tallwave’s Quest to Help Early-Stage Tech Companies

Tallwave helps startups and growth companies accelerate their market validation to become marketplace leaders through a unique combination of commercialization methods, talent and capital. Their challenge: With advanced lead generation systems already in place across other social networks,Tallwave needed a highly efficient and effective way to use Twitter as a lead generation platform across its … Read more

The Importance of Click Tracking in Social Media

There has been many conversations about the ROI that comes from the time and resources businesses are spending to build a social media presence. Almost all forms of marketing still battle uncertainty when it comes to measurement. You may even know of the famous John Wanamaker quote that says, “half my advertising works, I just … Read more