New Features

Setting up a new campaign is fast and easy.

Update your campaign on the fly with new targeting keywords.

You can now get a preview of who is in your campaign right next to your criteria keywords. Add or remove any keyword within a campaign and immediately see how it affects your prospect pool.

Fine-tuned controls over your campaigns and users.

As an admin, you can see and update your campaign configurations, quotas, users and billing info at any time.

As an admin, you can add or remove a user from a campaign at any time.

Your teammates/clients can manage a specific campaign while you maintain control over the campaign settings, plan quotas and integration settings.

Cleaner & more advanced reports.

With a fresh look and feel, new formatting controls and font, your reports are even more impactful.

Campaign optimization just got easier.

Search to see how any keyword is performing. Sort keywords by any dimension of interest, i.e. Approved, responded, followed back, clicked, or converted.

With your DMs, easily see how each DM – both current and historical – stack up.

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