New Engaged Leads Feature to Prioritize Your Conversations

When it comes to social media, the marketers who focus on creating meaningful interactions with their audience are the ones winning the battle for attention. For B2B marketers, this means a much more targeted and personalized approach than a typical social media campaign.

Twitter is cracking down on bots and automation. Facebook is taking a stricter stance on data usage. The ability for social media marketers to take shortcuts to engage their audience is going away.

We recently launched a new Engaged Leads feature in Socedo to help marketers prioritize their social media leads, so they can have more personalized, one-to-one conversations that truly drive the pipeline.

Prioritize Your Leads

Social media managers are tasked with an overwhelming amount of responsibility: from building editorial calendars to responding to mentions. When it comes to lead generation, there’s simply not enough time to send personalized messages to every single follower or user who engages with your brand on Twitter.

On the Socedo Engaged Leads page, you can see all of the prospects who have followed you back in one of your Socedo campaigns. The oldest follow backs will be at the top, so while you don’t need to log into Socedo every day to send messages, you can make sure you’re reaching your leads in a timely fashion.

But this queue is more than just a list of leads. Socedo enhances each engaged lead with their company name, company size, job title, location, and Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, when available. All of this data will be visible on the prospect card.

If you flip the card overusing the “See Tweet” button in the top-right corner, you will see the relevant Tweet or handle they’re following, based on your conversational keyword criteria.

If you chose highly targeted bio and conversational keywords in your initial campaign set up, your Engaged Leads likely fit your target market. You can choose to reach out and begin conversations with all of them, or spend a little extra time on only the best leads.

Click the blue “Engage on Twitter” button under each card to open their Twitter profile in a new tab. Like a recent Tweet, reply, and send a direct message. You can see some more suggestions later in this post.

If you choose to send the lead a direct message, click “Done” in Socedo to clear the prospect card from the Engaged Leads queue. If you decide not to message the lead, you can click “Skip” to make the card disappear.

Track & Measure Direct Messages

By marking “Done,” the Socedo platform will keep track of how many direct messages you have sent, which you can view by date range on the Reports page.

However, our system automatically detects when you send a message to a lead that Socedo found for you, so you can keep track of how many messages you have sent. Socedo can also detect replies to your direct messages. On the Reports page, you’ll see the total number, as well as your reply rate over a given time frame.

Finally, the system stores replies and these are available to you in an export, if you’d like to add them to your social media management, CRM, or marketing automation system, use them to prioritize follow up or perform analytics.

How to Engage Your Leads

Start a Conversation with a Sales-Qualifying Question

Now you have the context you need to prioritize the best leads on social media and send them the right message. With a more focused pool of leads, you can spend the time to write custom, personalized messages to each prospect for the highest reply rate.

Turn social media into a lead generation machine, and start booking meetings for your sales reps directly from Twitter conversations.

Send Content Based on the Topic Focus

Another way to generate leads through social media is by sending a link to a piece of content or a form fill, and make your message personal and the content relevant to each person.

Tweets typically generate one click per hundred thousand followers. Meanwhile, direct messages typically have a click-through rate around 10%. Remember: don’t be salesy. This should be a value add for the person you’re messaging, and you can also warm up the conversation by liking, retweeting, or replying to one of their recent tweets. This makes the interaction a valuable for your leads and feels more authentic.

To send messages at scale, you can keep some template messages in a document, with at least one message for the most common personas and topic interests you’re likely to encounter in your audience. To measure success, use a link tracking solution, so you know how many leads clicked your link, how much traffic you drove from each type of message, and how many conversions you generated from this strategy.

Existing Followers

In every Socedo campaign, you can choose whether or not to include existing followers, using the “Decline Existing Followers” toggle in the advanced settings on the Keywords Page.

If you keep the decline existing followers toggle off, you will be able to see which of your existing followers have tweeted your keywords and are the most active in your audience. These are good users to prioritize for a more personal connection. Try sending them an ask to connect, download content, or even sign up for a free trial.

Start on Social, Continue via Email

The Engaged Leads feature makes it easy to sort socially active leads and navigate directly to their Twitter profiles. However, social media engagement is just the start. Not all leads will convert right away, so be sure to nurture them over time.

Customers use Socedo’s email export solution and integrations with leading marketing automation systems to send welcome emails to their new followers, send them relevant content over time, and pass the best leads directly to the sales team.

Better yet, continue conversations on multiple channels. Use the keyword reports in Socedo to figure out what your audience is talking about most, so you can craft a social media calendar strategy for the highest engagement.

Socially engaged leads typically have a 22% higher conversion rate through the buying cycle than leads from other sources. Take every chance to create meaningful interactions with your best audience.

You can try the new Engaged Leads feature for free in a trial of Socedo.

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