Lenovo Uses Socedo to Promote Products, Events and Thought Leadership

With more than 50,000 employees and $46 B+ in global sales in 160 countries, Lenovo is a global leader in innovative consumer, commercial and enterprise technologies.

Alena Van Dalen, the social marketing lead for Lenovo’s North America Commercial marketing team, is responsible for using social media to drive leads and ROI for two Lenovo business units. The first business unit is focused on technology decision-makers within strategic verticals, including Government, Healthcare, Education, and Large Enterprises. These decision-makers are CIOs, CTOs, and heads of IT, the people responsible for their organization’s technology infrastructure. The second business unit is focused on Lenovo Business Partners who sell Lenovo products or provide services for these products.

Social Marketing at Lenovo

At any given time, Alena’s team is running several social campaigns ranging from contests to promote new products, to solutions pages to events. They invest a lot of resources to make their campaigns fun, engaging and memorable. Each campaign contains multiple elements including organic social media posts, paid social ads, and web-based elements such as new landing pages filled with videos, case studies and data sheets.

This is one campaign Lenovo is running to engage with an IT audience. Lenovo had created a comic-book style interactive game on IT’s worst nightmare scenarios as one of the campaign assets and promoted this through Socedo.

Initial discovery of Socedo

Alena first heard about Socedo when she was investigating technology to support her sales team with social selling back in 2015. At the time, her team was using a software called Insightpool.  Alena was managing a group of interns and asked them to create a strategic plan around Insightpool for social selling. During the research process for this project, the team stumbled upon Socedo. Soon after on-boarding with Insightpool, the software was dissolved due to technical issues. At that point, Alena started to look into Socedo and realized that it’s a much better product than Insightpool ever was. Over time, Alena realized that Socedo can be leveraged for social marketing.

Use cases for Socedo

When it comes to social media marketing, Alena sees Socedo as a solution that complements the work her team is doing on organic and paid social.

Showcase product innovations

Using Socedo, Alena’s team set up separate campaigns to engage with all of Lenovo’s target segments: government, healthcare, education, large enterprise and channel.

Most recently, Alena chose to use Socedo to promote a contest where people have a chance to win a ThinkPad X1 Yoga or X1 Tablet from the new X1 Family. With Socedo, she identified IT decision-makers and sent them a Twitter direct message (DM) to encourage them to watch a video and enter a contest to win a new product in the X1 family.

This campaign drove a lot of engagements. “We saw a huge spike in one-to-one interactions! My social community manager has been busy answering questions,” says Alena. “We’ve gotten very good reactions on the videos. Some people wanted to discuss partnering with Lenovo, some of them went straight to sales.”

Drive event attendance

Alena’s team also used Socedo to promote Lenovo Tech World , one of the company’s flagship events geared towards IT decision makers. The social team sent DMs through Socedo to let people know that they could get demos of the latest products from Lenovo at the Lenovo Tech Wheels in San Francisco. Lenovo Tech Wheels is a large traveling demo center and product showcase touring the United States this year.

When asked about future plans, Alena mentioned that she will continue to explore ways to use Socedo to drive registrations for Lenovo events.

Promote educational resources to build thought leadership

As a worldwide technology company, Lenovo has designed tailored solutions for key verticals like K-12 Education, Higher Education, Government, Large Enterprises and the Channel. Lenovo has created a library of resources including whitepapers, case studies, datasheets, and videos to help the decision-makers in these fields understand how to use technology to solve their problems.

With Socedo, Alena delivers relevant Lenovo resources to the IT decision makers to showcase Lenovo’s expertise in the industry.  For one campaign, Alena identified the IT leaders in K-12 school districts and sent them a Lenovo e-book on how they can plan and evaluate 1:1 learning technologies.

“Socedo is an incredible prospecting tool that supports social KPIs and is extremely easy to use,” said Alena.

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