Kaseya Uses Socedo to Connect with Warm Leads and Grow its Email Marketing Database

Kaseya is the leading provider of complete IT management solutions. They focus on helping Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the mid-market enterprise better manage their infrastructure to drive their business forward. Offered both as a cloud solution and on-premise software, Kaseya empowers businesses to command all of IT centrally, manage remote and distributed environments with ease, and automate across IT disciplines.

As Kaseya continues to expand its product lines and looks to reach new audiences in various verticals, they needed new solutions that can quickly help them build buzz and generate more warm leads. That’s where Socedo came in.  

Kaseya + Socedo

Matt Machado, VP of Digital Marketing, joined Kaseya about 18 months ago, to ramp up the company’s demand generation efforts. 

Matt chose Socedo because it provides an easy way for Kaseya to grow its Twitter presence by attracting relevant followers, connect with new contacts by providing them with relevant content automatically, and grow its marketing database.

“With Socedo, we’re able to reach our target audience on Twitter at the right time – when they are already tweeting about relevant topics or engaging with content from influencers in our space, get on their radar with relevant content, and grow our marketing database with relevant contacts,” says Matt Machado.

The Kaseya marketing team set up several Socedo campaigns to connect with target audiences for a few different product lines. Socedo discovers people on Twitter who fit Kaseya’s demographic criteria and have just taken a relevant action, such as:

  • Mentioning a technology topic (i.e. Active Directory, mobiledev, managed services)
  • Following or engaging with IT influencers (i.e. @CIOMagazine, @CIOOnline, @InformationWeek)
  • Following or engaging with a cloud infrastructure player (i.e. @Azure)

The Socedo campaign automatically follows this audience on Twitter. Once a person follows Kaseya back, the campaign sends out a personalized direct message (DM) that featuring a whitepaper they may be interested in. For example, an IT Director following @CIOMagazine would receive a DM that recommends a whitepaper showing relevant benchmarking data about IT Operations – to pique their interest in what their peers in IT are doing.    

Once a lead downloads a whitepaper, they are added to Kaseya’s marketing database and are nurtured through a series of emails until they take enough actions to go over the Marketing Qualified Lead threshold.  


From Socedo campaigns, Kaseya has grown its Twitter presence by 58%, from 18,800 Twitter followers to over 29,670 followers within the last 12 months. 

Additionally, Matt has found that leads from Socedo campaigns tend to be relevant leads who are more likely to engage with Kaseya’s messages than other lead sources.

For example, the campaign that promoted their IT Operations Benchmark Survey has been sent to 2,107 people (since August of 2016). The direct message has gotten a 15% click-through rate (the link goes to the landing page of the report), which is higher than the click-through rate on Kaseya’s typical emails.

“It’s been a great experience working with Socedo to set up new campaigns. I like how they’ve made it easy for me to find potential buyers on Twitter, engage them automatically while sending a relevant message,” says Matt.

Future Plans with Socedo  

Since Kaseya is expanding its product lines, a key initiative is revisiting its content to make sure there is audience and industry appropriate content for each vertical.

Moving forward, Matt plans to revisit Kaseya’s email nurture tracks and build out new nurture streams for specific target audiences they want to reach for specific product lines. Once new nurture tracks have been created, Matt would be able to find relevant people to put into these nurtures through Socedo campaigns.

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