Introducing Socedo’s Criteria Self-Optimization

Whether you’re a marketing or sales professional, a small business owner, or a startup founder, everyone wants more leads, and with 72% of all online adults on social media, your leads are out there. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make Socedo the best platform for discovering and qualifying new prospects on Twitter.

Now Socedo automatically optimizes your search criteria for volume, to ensure that you always have enough prospects in the discover bucket in your Socedo account. Scaling social media outreach only works if you have enough prospects at the top of your funnel, so the automated engagement flow can qualify your most interested leads. Fortunately, the same way that Socedo uses real-time social behaviour to qualify leads, the platform will optimize itself in real-time to ensure that you have the best-performing keywords.

Socedo will also send you regular keyword suggestions from its recommendation engine, so you can continually refine your own criteria and find new leads. The platform is automatically self-optimizing to keep your account filled with prospects, and it’s helping you make the best decisions for the highest quality leads.

Keyword Self-Optimization

Finding the right keywords and hashtags that your ideal audience is tweeting about takes time. Sometimes keywords are too broad and bring irrelevant prospects into your bucket. Or, a keyword might be too specific to find any leads. Even when your search criteria is working, you may be excluded from a whole segment of your audience by missing similar keywords.

Socedo will replace underperforming keywords with like-minded alternatives and prioritize those that are working the best for your account. Socedo will also smartly detect synonyms for bio keywords and add them for you. Based on the performance of your account, you may or may not see your search criteria change slightly when you log in to Socedo. You can always view all of the current keywords in your search criteria, including those added or replaced by Socedo, by clicking the Edit Criteria tab in your account.

Automatic Follower Handle Consideration

Twitter handles that your leads are consistently tweeting at or about are highly relevant, and they often indicate users that are influencers in your space. As such, the followers of these influential users are likely quality leads. Now Socedo automatically considers all @ mentions in your conversational keywords as potential handles from which to pull followers into your discover bucket and bring your account additional volume.

What This Means for You

Socedo will always be working in the background to ensure you have plenty of prospects, so you can focus on converting qualified, interested leads at the bottom of your funnel. Depending on the performance of your keywords, you may or may not notice slight changes in your prospect search criteria over time.

You should still continue to adjust your criteria as necessary. At regular intervals, Socedo will send you keyword suggestions from its recommendation engine, based on your highest performing keywords and the keywords that your qualified prospects are also using. Input the suggestions that seem the most relevant, and Socedo will track their performance.

For a deeper dive into these new features, check out this resource page explaining how Socedo determines when to make criteria changes.

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