Extracting Value from Chaos

Two truisms abound in the world of marketing today—first that social media is a necessary part of most marketing strategies, and second that chaos persists and dominates social networks and socially-oriented sites.  Some refer to this as a high noise: signal ratio and others say “garbage in, garbage out.”  Still, others call social networks and social media sites “cluttered.”  The words change but the concept stays the same—that extracting meaningful value from social media is not trivial.

Fair enough.  But is this a new phenomenon?  Is this fundamentally different from other marketing channels, or is it just a matter of volume, scale, and picking the right tools to reduce high volume and scale to digestible and actionable chunks?

In my 15+ years as a marketer, I’ve been faced with the perils of complexity and chaos throughout this wonderful journey.  Social media certainly exposes the problem but not in a way that is unmanageable.

It really depends on the degree to which the product and service you are purveying is appropriate for large groups or small, narrow, and well-defined ones.  If you are selling rubber bands, no doubt social media can be confusing—after all, isn’t everyone a potential customer?  But if you are selling construction services for skyscrapers, the pool of potential buyers is much more manageable.  For most, however, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, and that is why tools like Socedo help.

What this means is that while Socedo is not for everyone, it can be very useful for companies, organizations, and individuals whose customer bases (current and potential) are expressive, fluid, and not discernible by only very narrow factors (like you have to be a billionaire to buy or you have to understand Hittite philology well to benefit.)

Give it a shot.  Try it out.  Can Socedo help you find value in the midst of chaos?  I both believe and hope so!

This is a guest post written by Romi Mahajan, who can be reached at romi@thekkmgroup.com. He is a Board Member of Socedo, runs a marketing and strategy advisory firm, is an angel investor and author, and advises Advaiya Solutions.

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