How to Develop a Content Marketing Plan That Gets Results – 2. Content Creation

Content marketing starts with understanding your audience and doing keyword research. If you want a refresher on these topics, check out part one of this series. 

Now in part 2 of the series, let’s explore:

  • How to use data and tools to identify the most important keywords you want to focus on
  • How to brainstorm topics to write about from these keywords
  • A process to follow to create valuable content that your audience will love

About Author: Ruchika Sharma is the Product Marketer at Datability Solutions. The company has recently launched its first product called iZooto, which is a web push notification platform that leverages data for contextual communication.

Ruchika is a part of the versatile team that is working towards making iZooto a huge success. Under the huge marketing umbrella, one of her major responsibilities includes content curation. She has been contributing extensively at This art lover and creative writer enjoys sketching in her free time and dreams of travelling around the world someday, all by herself.

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