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There haven’t been too many changes in piggy banks over the years – and that’s just fine. So long as you stick to it, slotted vessels are a timeless way to teach kids about finances and goals. Some modern piggy banks are equipped with features that help kids keep track of their savings, but others are simple ceramic or plastic jars with cutesy ways to store coins. Moreover, some toys are designed to resemble your children’s favorite characters since aesthetics go a long way—our picks for the best new piggy banks for kids after searching through the offerings. Teaching kids how to save never gets old.

Our 5 Favorite Coin Banks

Beautiful 10 Best Coin Banks You Can Consider

1. A Cat Steals Coins Box from Matty’s

Matney Stealing Coin Cat Box- Piggy Bank - White Kitty - English Speaking

On top of the closed box, place a coin on the pad. A mechanical cat will pop out from one of the flaps to say hello. As soon as it pops out, a coin will be slid into the box. Sure, this is a gimmick, but gimmicks work, so it may as well work.

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2. Children’s Gift Toys Piggy Banks by HUSAN

HUSAN Great Gift Toy for Kids Code Electronic Piggy Banks Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank Box for Children Password Lock Case (Black/Red)

A coin slot and a cash slot are located in this bank. Kids enter a numerical code they’ve created on the keypad instead of breaking it open with a hammer or opening a plug on the underside to unlock the door. Furthermore, removing the batteries and reloading them is an easy way to reset the code.

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3. PPORK-WH01 Smart Piggy Bank

Quirky PPORK-WH01 E-PPORK-WH01/1 Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank, White, 9.5 x 5.5 x 10 inches

On the list, this is the most technologically advanced option. The money is counted and synced with an app that lets kids keep track of their balance and set savings goals after inserting it into the animal’s stomach. Additionally, Portfolio has some security measures in the form of an accelerometer that alerts the app if it is opened or moved. Is that clear? His mind hasn’t been clouded by sleep.

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4. Saving Spending Sharing Tin Toy Bank by Moonjar Classic

Moonjar Classic Award Winning Save Spend Share Educational Tin Toy Bank with Passbook| Moneybox for Children 3+ Years | Teaches Responsible Money Management & Financial Skills

Kids will love this bank because it helps them learn about budgeting. Save, Spend, and Share chambers can be linked together with a rubber band and separated when money is spent, deposited, or donated. All the banks on this list seem to serve as teaching tools, but this one stands out.

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5. Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank by Pokemon

Itazura New Pokemon-Go inspired Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank box Limited Edition (Pickachu Coin Bank)

Each coin placed in its slot makes. This .36-pound plush toy becomes heavier and heavier. This is an excellent method of saving for the next Pokemon game.

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6. Resin Coin Bank by Vosarea

VOSAREA Resin Pig Shaped Coin Bank Money Box Piggy Bank Saving Pot Size L

If you’re looking for a piggy bank that lives up to its name, the VOSARERESIN Pig Coin Bank is one of your best possibilities. If you use the realistic pig-shaped coin bank, you’ll drop your pennies into this fat and happy critter. The pig was made from high-quality, non-toxic resin by the bank. This shelf is available in two different sizes and is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. 

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7. Hogwarts Coin Bank from Harry Potter

Fashion Accessory Bazaar LLC Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 Hogwarts Express 8 Inch Ceramic Bank

Consider Harry Potter as a pig rather than a young boy. Not only will the Harry Potter Piggy Bank answer that question, but it will also keep your money safe. This Potter piggy is hand-painted to appear like everyone’s favorite wizard and comes in two sizes. The amusing pig is dressed in a Hogwarts costume and wields a wand and broom.

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8. A Coin Bank That Defies Gravity from Bo-Toys

Bo-Toys Vortex Gravity Defying Coin Bank , Watch Money Defy Gravity Circling Around When Saving Loose Coins

Each cent placed in the Bo-Toys Vortex Gravity-Defying Coin Bank delivers some free entertainment. This hourglass-shaped bank has a little entry slide on the top rim that allows you to line up coins before letting them travel around on the circular journey to the bottom. It’s an excellent option for parents who wish to teach their children that saving money can be enjoyable.

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9. Wooden Piggy Bank Coin Storage Box

Safe Money Box Wood Piggy Bank Coin Storage Box Gifts for Boys Girls Kids & Adults

Don’t show your cash if you think your roommates have sticky fingers. Your cash is protected from the elements with the Podofo Safe Money Box. The box can only be opened using the two keys that came with the purchase. Extra objects such as rings, notes, and other little treasures can be easily stored thanks to the wide hole. There are two hues available: red and black.

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10. Money in a Piggy Bank by Breaking It

Piggy Bank for Adults - Must Break to Access Money | Ceramic Savings Bank to Help Budget and Save for Vacation Wedding or Child's College Fund | Money Saver Box with One Small Opening | Birthday Gift

The Adult Piggy Bank from NiceThingsShop is great for those who are saving for a vacation. The translucent plastic face of this wood piece reveals your savings. A global map tells you why you’re putting your coins on the rear wall. Remove the front when you’ve filled your tank to the brim.

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What is a Coin Bank?

In general, a money bank is a small container where you can store your coins and notes for later use. But there are different types of money banks to choose from depending on what your needs are. One such type of money bank is the Piggy Bank, so named because they are shaped like pigs! Also called a coin jar, these plastic or ceramic jars have special compartments in which you can store coins and store them as well.


Best Coin Banks
Coin Banks
What is the best place to deposit coins?

Banks will offer full value for coins that consumers turn in for cash. When customers deposit coins at banks, they do not pay a fee, but some require that the coins be rolled in wrappers. Wells Fargo, for instance, will exchange rolled coins for non-customers without charging them.

How does a still coin bank work?

Money boxes, strong boxes, or receptacles designed to store coins are still banks. Many still banks, including money boxes, strong boxes, and coin receptacles.

Rolling coins still accepted by banks?

The majority of banks accept rolled coins and do not charge customers a fee for depositing them. The only banks that offer free coin exchange to non-customers are Wells Fargo and Citibank.

What is the procedure for checking rolled coins in banks?

With a coin-counting machine at your bank, you can skip the rolls and dump your coins directly into the machine, saving yourself time and money. You’ll receive a ticket that lists the total number of coins after the machine counts them. Bring the ticket and a deposit slip to the teller.

Piggy banks are worth how much?

Vintage piggy banks are among the cheapest available varieties, often costing $25-$200.


The best coin banks are those that work for you. Whether your goal is to save money, break a bad habit or keep track of what’s coming in and out of your wallet, it pays to find the right one – whatever that might be for you! Please read below for our favorite picks from five different categories. We hope they inspire you as much as they’ve inspired us! If this article has helped you decide which bank would suit your needs best, please share it with friends who may also benefit from these recommendations.

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