Introducing Socedo’s Criteria Self-Optimization

Whether you’re a marketing or sales professional, a small business owner, or a startup founder, everyone wants more leads, and with 72% of all online adults on social media, your leads are out there. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make Socedo the best platform for discovering and qualifying new prospects on Twitter. Now Socedo … Read more

Twitter Automation and Why Hashtags Rule

In the world of social media, messaging is optimized down to the granular, character level, and Twitter automation for lead generation can be optimized with equal focus. In the same way that social media managers have to decide when and when not to use a hashtag for exposure, lead generation marketers need to understand when … Read more

Extracting Value from Chaos

Two truisms abound in the world of marketing today—first that social media is a necessary part of most marketing strategies, and second that chaos persists and dominates social networks and socially-oriented sites.  Some refer to this as a high noise: signal ratio and others say “garbage in, garbage out.”  Still, others call social networks and … Read more

5 Similarities Between Email and Social Media

Although social media has higher returns than email and is the preferred method of communication for most customers, the two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, email marketing and social media marketing have similar tactics, goals, and use cases, and by using the two together, you can take your demand generation and lead nurturing to … Read more

New Enhanced Data in Socedo Prospect Profiles

Marketers using Twitter for lead generation know the inherent challenge: while it can be easy to find prospects having the right conversations, leads can still be unknown and practically anonymous. As a primarily social site, Twitter users may not list their job titles or company in their bios. Their names are occasionally a username, rather … Read more

7 Examples of Small Business Tweets That Create Demand

tweet ideas for businesses

It’s National Small Business Week (#SBW2015), and we’re proud to have many small business customers grow their customer base with Socedo. Did you know that “finding new customers” is the number one concern among small business owners, with 66% listing it as a priority? We know how valuable social media lead generation can be for … Read more

Humans and Their Unstructured Data: What to Do?

Human beings are messy—not physically messy (necessarily), but they leave behind a trail of messy data. We don’t navigate websites in a logical order; we type whatever we want into search engines, and use colloquial terms or inside jokes in our profiles. “Qualitative feedback” is every customer service representative’s worst nightmare. And those darn self-reported … Read more

The Who’s Who of Social Media Tools

Socedo is excited to be a silver sponsor of Social Tools Summit this year, but we’re even more excited about the rad new tools in the world of social media marketing. Some of the names from #SocialTools15 are familiar ones, including Oktopost, Simply Measured, and Traackr, but there are a few new hotshots you need … Read more