7 Effective Social Media Best Practices for 2022

The start of the year is always an opportune time for reflecting on current marketing strategies and making the necessary changes to stay relevant and effective. Over the last decade, social media marketing has rocketed and people are continually trying new platforms, new content ideas and new approaches to generate leads and increase followers. 2022 … Read more

Casting a Wide Net: B2B Audience Building on Social Media

B2B Audience Building on Social Media

When buying an email list or creating an ad targeting group, B2B marketers typically start with demographic and firmographic requirements, typically a lead’s job title. Still, things work a little differently on social media. Building an engaged social media audience is about finding the users actively talking about relevant topics in your space and most … Read more

B2B Content Marketing: 5 Marketing Strategies You Should Apply

Today’s B2B companies are faced with a growing number of challenges, from increasing competition to changing buyers. Retaining customers is very important for both B2B and B2C companies. To improve customer retention rate, companies need a well-defined content marketing strategy that can enhance their B2B marketing efforts. This is the reason why 46% of businesses … Read more

The Most Popular Digital Marketing Stack

B2B marketers are using Socedo to grow their social media presence, drive traffic, and build their email list. While there is a strong correlation between social growth and the impact on other channels, such as SEO, the best marketing strategy doesn’t just rely on one tactic. As Romi Mahajan, Director at Blueprint Consulting, states in … Read more

How We Use Social Media to Reach Leads at Conferences

social lead generation

Conferences, trade shows, and other industry events are a demand generation goldmine, not just because your best prospects are all in the same room simultaneously, but because conferences create conversations with thousands of people talking about relevant topics on social media. So what’s the secret weapon to extract the most value from all the social … Read more