Verto Analytics Uses Socedo to Connect with Marketing Professionals and Grow Its Database

Verto Analytics is a pioneer in digital multi-screen media measurement. The company provides a complete portfolio of measurement services covering the digital and hardware ecosystems across various platforms, enabling clients such as Zynga, Spotify and SONOS and others to access insights through a single-source media measurement methodology.


Ritu Singh joined Verto Analytics as the Global Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations in May 2016. At that time, Verto Analytics was just starting to define its marketing funnel, processes and technology stack. Ritu was tasked with building out the marketing funnel and investing in programs and tools that would help the company drive brand awareness, increase lead flow and nurture leads into Marketing Qualified Opportunities.  


Connie Hwong, Global Content Marketing Director at Verto Analytics saw an opportunity to use social media in a more strategic way to generate interest for Verto Analytics’ portfolio of products.  When she heard about Socedo from a colleague who had used this solution in a previous company, she decided to give it a try.



“We turned to Socedo because it helps us reach a relevant audience on Twitter – digital marketing and market research professionals who are interested in the consumer behavioral insights we have to offer. Socedo’s targeting capability is accurate and designed for B2B companies, so the followers we get tend to be very engaged with our content,” says Connie.  


How Verto Analytics is Using Socedo


Verto Analytics is using Socedo to find marketing professionals who are engaging with the digital media ecosystem. Their campaign searches for people who are:

  • Talking about topics such as “consumer research”; “media consumption”; and “user engagement”
  • Following certain marketing publications such as @MarketingLand


The Socedo campaign automatically follows people who fit their criteria. Once someone follows back, the campaign sends the person a direct message with a research report or an educational white paper to introduce the person to the brand. Here’s one example.


Verto Analytics syncs all leads who follow back their Twitter handle into their marketing automation platform, HubSpot. From there, these subscribers start to receive direct emails  featuring content like whitepapers, webinar invites and newsletters.


All the subscribers receive bi-weekly newsletter and weekly webinar invite emails. White papers and reports offers are sent out once or twice in a quarter. Subscribers who fall into their target account criteria receive nurture emails pertaining to their industry vertical.


Nurture emails consists of 6-8 touches leading prospects through awareness to consideration and evaluation stages with one email sent every 7 days.


Those who have engaged with Verto Analytics multiple times become Marketing Qualified Leads and are passed to the sales team.




Since Verto Analytics started using Socedo in June 2016, they have 10X’ed their Twitter following, from 750 Twitter followers at the start to over 7,600 followers as of the end of July 2017.


They’ve noticed a dramatic lift in the amount of engagement – retweets and shares – they get with their Tweets.


Their Share of Voice has increased as well.


Additionally, they are gaining greater attention from the press, in part due to having a stronger social media presence.  


To date, they have added 273 new subscribers to their HubSpot instance. 8 subscribers have become Marketing Qualified leads.


Additionally, Socedo helped the marketing team learn more about their target audience. Back in 2016, when the company was starting to build out its demand generation capabilities, the marketing team was not completely sure whom they should be targeting.


With Socedo’s unique targeting and engagement approach, Verto Analytics is able to experiment with their targeting criteria and see who is responding to their campaign. With reports on the performance of each targeting keyword, the marketing team is able to get a better sense of whom they should be marketing to.  




“With Socedo, we’re able to find a highly relevant audience on Twitter, pique their interest in what we have to offer and continue to engage them via email. Since we have a small team in place, I’m glad that Socedo is able to provide us with new followers and leads on a continuous basis, with minimal time investment from my team” says Ritu.

Turn Social Media Into Warm Leads

Find B2B leads continuously on social media with little effort. Engage them on Twitter and email to drive traffic and grow your database.
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