Inside Sales Team Uses Lead Scoring and Nurturing with Socedo

Inside Sales Team is a full-service Sales and Marketing firm that helps businesses manage inbound leads, make a qualified first sales impression, and improve the lifetime value of customers. They’ve been using Socedo for almost a year to bridge the gap between social media management tools and
marketing and sales automation software. Hussam Almukhtar, Director of Digital Marketing, was eager to share the success they’ve found with the Socedo platform.

Hussam and the team knew that business was going digital. People receive messages multiple times a day, and it was only going to become more difficult to cut through the noise using traditional methods. However, social media was untapped potential. They evaluated a few different social media marketing solutions, but they decided to try Socedo for qualifying leads through engagement. Nothing else could automate on social the way they wanted.


Demand Generation


Hussam set up Socedo for the Inside Sales Team company Twitter account, as well as some of the sales reps’ individual accounts, to target sales and marketing executives. They send prospects a direct message with a link to a downloadable offer.

The company account saw immediate growth in its follower base and interactions, and Inside Sales Team has seen a noticeable bump in traffic to their website, from both the Socedo-generated direct messages and from their overall Twitter presence. Now that they have qualified, engaged leads on Twitter, they’ve seen more people clicking on their Tweets or navigating to their website from social. And when Inside Sales Team hosted their first webinar, Hussam used Socedo leads as one of the main channels to attract an audience.

With Socedo automating demand generation for the team, Hussam decided to take the platform a step further and integrate their social presence with the rest of their marketing efforts.


Integrated Lead Data


In addition to demand gen, Socedo has been a great source of data for Inside Sales Team. Leads sync directly into Inside Sales Team’s marketing automation software, where they are given a lead score based on relevant social actions:
• Moderate score for follow-backs
• Higher score for direct message responses
• Highest score for link clicks in a direct message

This way, sales reps can focus their time on the most relevant leads. The social data provided by Socedo, including company, Twitter interaction, and LinkedIn profile info, allow sales reps to conduct highly personalized outreach. Some leads go into an automated email cadence, based on their segment and score, in which they receive a personalized message from the sales rep whose account followed them on Twitter.

Socedo does this by syncing automatically with marketing automation systems like Marketo and HubSpot and CRM systems like Salesforce. Users can also export lead data as a CSV file and upload into the software of their choice. Socedo can provide additional data about social leads for outreach through traditional channels, and marketing teams can use Socedo to engage socially with their existing lead base.


Improved Conversions


Now that leads receive highly relevant messages, by integrating Socedo’s social data and discovery with marketing automation, sales reps are enjoying a high reply rate, and Inside Sales Team has seen conversion rates improve as well. Hussam notes that, as a sales-focused firm, Socedo allows them to create a connection with their prospects through another, more personal channel. It’s not just another phone call or email.

“Leads from Socedo convert at one of the highest rates,” said Hussam. “I can’t live without it.”

IST team members have even been known to high-five each other when they see a lead come in from Socedo. Find out how social data and lead discovery can fit into your sales and marketing pipeline with a free trial of Socedo.

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