How Slope Generated 1055 Followers and 87 Signups in 1 Month Using Socedo

Guest post by Brian Bosche, CEO and Co-Founder of Slope. Brian was previously at Bizdom, a Detroit-based startup accelerator, and in the original class of Venture for America Fellows.

Slope makes it easy for marketing and creative teams to manage video projects. Before launching the private beta, Slope’s goal was to establish an audience with video marketers and generate signups. Because this target audience is so active on Twitter, Slope used Socedo to discover video marketers, and to automate lead generation through social media. In one month, Slope was able to generate 87 signups and over 1,000 followers using Socedo.


Why Slope Chose Socedo


Started in 2014, Slope is a platform to manage and collaborate on video projects. Slope was created from the frustrations we experienced managing video projects at TernPro Creative, a Detroit-based video production company my co-founder, Dan Bloom, and I founded in 2013. Video is extremely difficult to work with, and we hacked together a terribly inefficient process to upload, organize, share, manage, review, and collaborate on each video project. We looked for solutions to help us become more efficient, but couldn’t find one that fit our needs. That’s why we decided to build Slope.

We began building the first version of our product, and wanted to immediately start engaging with our target customers: marketing teams and digital agencies that produce a lot of video. It was our goal to drive signups for the private beta, and to discover the most relevant people to speak with for customer development. We discovered that many of these people were active on Twitter, and that’s where Socedo came in.

Slope uses Socedo to discover and engage with prospects, and drive signups. The four primary methods to accomplish this through Socedo are the Automated Workflow, Prospect Criteria Search, Approvals, and Direct Messages.


Automated Workflow

When I approve a prospect, Socedo takes over with the workflow I setup below.

  1. Favorite their Tweet immediately
  2. Follow them 1 hr. later
  3. When a prospect follows back, send a Direct Message 1 hr. later
  4. Direct Message Template “Hey [First_Name], saw your tweets on content marketing! You may be interested in our private beta:


Prospect Search Criteria

Once I set up the Automated Workflow, I set the criteria for what characteristics identify a prospect. I am able to target two things:

  1. Conversational Keywords. What are Slope’s prospects talking about? For Slope’s target audience of marketing teams and digital agencies producing video, we set keywords related to video marketing, video production, content marketing, and popular services that video professionals and marketers use.
  1. Bio Keywords. What titles do Slope’s prospects have at their company? Again, Slope targets marketing and video professionals, so we set titles like Director of Marketing, Producer, CMO, or Creative Director.



Once the Automated Workflow and Prospect Search Criteria are set, Socedo discovers everyone relevant based on my parameters. I have the flexibility to manually approve the prospects I believe will fit best for Slope.


Direct Messages

From my Automated Workflow, all Prospects that follow Slope back receive a Direct Message with a link to the private beta. From these direct messages, we were able to drive people to signup and engage them in a conversation about their work. You can see a typical response from a prospect below:



After using Socedo for 1 month and spending $300 for the subscription, Slope was able to generate 87 leads and 1055 followers.


Socedo Analytics:

Conversion Rates on Approved Prospects:

  • 8529 Prospects Approved
  • 1055 Follow Backs (14% Follow Back Rate)
  • 169 Direct Message Responses (16% Response Rate)
  • 259 Link Clicks (26% Click Rate)


Private Beta Signups: Using Goal Completions in Google Analytics, we were able to track the number of signups from Twitter referrals. Using Socedo as our only Twitter Marketing Tool, we generated 87 signups from Twitter.



At Slope, we needed a way to discover and engage with our target customers online. With Socedo, we were able to engage with prospects in an active community, Twitter, and drive them to sign up for a private beta. Slope not only was able to generate 87 targeted signups in a cost effective way, but also built a social following for future engagement. Socedo remains one of our most effective marketing tools at Slope, and we continue to see results with more usage.

“Socedo kickstarted Slope’s initial customer outreach by enabling us to discover and engage with customers in our target market.”

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