How Sandboxx Cut their Cost-per-Aquisition With Socedo

Guest post by Sam Meek, CEO and Co-Founder of Sandboxx. Sam was a United States Marine Corps Sergeant before starting Sandboxx.

Sandboxx is a first-of-its-kind comprehensive communications and lifestyle platform specifically designed to meet the needs of our active military, veterans and their friends and families. With Socedo we have dramatically decreased our advertising budget, cut our cost-per-aquisition by 70%, and continue to grow.


Why Sandboxx Chose Socedo


We launched our Sandboxx iOS app on Veteran’s Day 2014. Simply put, today’s civilian social media is not conducive to the military lifestyle. Only those involved first hand in the military understand what it is like to be away from home for months with limited communication, to be given orders to pick up their life and move to a new city or country on a moment’s notice and make friends with people that are willing to give up their lives for one another on a daily basis.


Segmenting Messages


Sandboxx uses Socedo to reach out and touch potential users in a pivotal and momentous way. We drive downloads of our app by explaining what Sandboxx can do for different segments of the military. This really helps to engage potential users by tailoring our message to a specific group.

So, depending on what important life events members of the military community are talking about on Twitter, we send them a direct message explaining the Sandboxx feature that we know will be of most benefit to them.

The recruits that are training hard for boot camp don’t want to hear how Sandboxx can connect military spouses, they want to know how Sandboxx can help support them though their military careers. The moms of deployed service members love to hear how much easier it is to message their son or daughter who is off-the-grid directly from their cell phone, as opposed to details about how to pass their army entrance exams. We congratulate Active Duty service members on their promotions and encourage them to update their Sandboxx profiles with their new ranks.


Starting Conversations


Socedo is the only tool that we found that could allow us to start conversations with potential users in a non-spammy, customized way. Below is an example of a conversation we were able to start thanks to Socedo.

Starting a conversation leads to more engaged users as described above, but we have also noticed that users who we connect with through Socedo also become better ambassadors for the Sandboxx app. They post more about us online and are more likely to reach out if they have a problem rather than giving us a bad review on Facebook or the App Store.




At Sandboxx, we needed a way to find our target potential users and start a meaningful conversation with them online. With Socedo, we were able to attract new engaged users who are more likely to use the Sandboxx app on a long-term basis. Using Socedo also resulted in 820 new followers for us in little over a month and a numerous brand ambassadors.

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