Case Study: Tallwave’s Quest to Help Early-Stage Tech Companies

Case Study: Tallwave’s Quest to Help Early-Stage Tech Companies

Tallwave helps startups and growth companies accelerate their market validation to become marketplace leaders through a unique combination of commercialization methods, talent and capital.

Their challenge:

With advanced lead generation systems already in place across other social networks,Tallwave needed a highly efficient and effective way to use Twitter as a lead generation platform across its 65+ portfolio of companies and clients.

Their solution:

“Tallwave develops early-stage technology companies, which forces us to design user and lead acquisition methods that are highly efficient, yet produce valuable results” says Jerrod Bailey, Partner and Business Development Practice Lead at Tallwave. “Socedo knocked it out of the park in our testing, and now it’s our default tool for leveraging Twitter as a lead gen source.  We haven’t seen anything this effective, and we use and test a lot of tools.”  Tallwave leverages LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other social outposts to drive growth and customer acquisition for mostly SaaS, marketplace, digital media and e-commerce companies.

 Tallwave first tested Socedo as an effectual form of outreach in order to find early-stage technology startup founders. By maximizing Socedo’s criteria pane, Tallwave was able to consistently find viable companies that matched their specifications.  “Beyond Tallwave’s own needs, adding prospects to the top of the marketing/sales funnel is a problem that we try to solve across a multitude of industries. This includes Digital Marketing, Enterprise, Legal, Healthcare, Finance and Education, oftentimes with pre-revenue, venture-backed companies with significant budget constraints.  Socedo builds in the automation and targeting you need to drive a large volume of high-quality and targeted leads at an acquisition cost much lower than most methods.”

Tallwave recommends spending the time to really nail the keyword and filtering criteria.  “When you first login and create your filters, you will probably be really far off.  You will have noise in the results, and you will think of other keywords over time to enhance results.  Be diligent, experiment liberally and track all metrics those first 2 weeks to turn the product into a well-oiled lead producing machine.  It’s worth it.  The Socedo team was particularly helpful in this process,” said Jerrod.

Their results:

Over a two-month period, Tallwave discovered 486 relevant leads through Socedo. By using Socedo’s automation system, Tallwave was able to successfully contact 64% of their leads who followed them back. This resulted in 16 phone calls Tallwave completed with their prospective clients.

Case Study: Tallwave’s Quest to Help Early-Stage Tech Companies

DM response conversion rate is the highest in the Socedo user base, a result of their metrics driven approach.

Case Study: Tallwave’s Quest to Help Early-Stage Tech Companies

About Tallwave:

Tallwave is a commercializor.

The company creates commercial success and shareholder value for entrepreneurs and investors by validating, scaling and managing early-stage and growth ventures with a hands-on approach.

What separates Tallwave from the limitations of Incubator, Accelerator and traditional Venture Capital firm business models is its proprietary Tallwave Way™ closed-loop commercialization engine. The combination of Tallwave’s lean Business Blueprint™ for product and company validation, its Operator Model™ for resource deployment and the access to pre-seed through Series A capital its networks provide, has been used to vet over 300 entrepreneurs and their concepts, validate more than 65 startups, and build a portfolio of half a dozen early-stage companies.

Founded and led by former iCrossing, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, GoDaddy and Marketwire executives, Tallwave is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Twice a year, Tallwave hosts High Tide™; one of the most innovative startup competitions in the U.S. Additional information about Tallwave is available at

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