10 Best Splash Block -Reviews & Buying Guide

Buying the best splash block is pretty simple, but choosing the right one for you isn’t necessarily easy, especially when considering just how many options are out there. To help you out, we did all the research out there, considering the various types, quality, and features available. During the analysis of this product, we considered all the important factors. Keep reading to learn more about the research factors and our top 10 picks of splash block so you can easily buy one.

10 Best splash block to Buy This Year

Our team members have a strong background in the splash block industry. We began this study by considering the most important aspects of an splash block. To rate each product, our research regime puts each splash block through multi-point performance analysis. We subjected each splash block to over 10 individual metrics research to find the best splash block out there.

Our research of splash block covers these metrics:

  • Product Quality
  • The design
  • Materials used to build
  • The price of splash block
  • Strength and durability
  • Characteristics of the product
  • Products value for money
  • Products versatility
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Products functionality
  • User Feedback
  • Size and weight
  • Warranty policy, and many more.

The most important metric for splash block is product quality. We believe this is the most important thing to get the best splash block, so we give it a higher weighting than other test metrics. In addition to the experience of our researchers and user feedback, we also utilize information from our extensive product research to compare each splash block performance.

1. Suncast SB24 Rain Gutter Downspout Splash Block, Light Taupe

Features :

  • DOWNSPOUT SPLASH BLOCK: Efficiently directs rain water away from the foundation of your home so that it’s kept safe and dry to guard against foundation water damage with no anchoring necessary
  • HELPS PREVENT WASHOUTS: Keeps edgings where they need to be and flower beds neat and tidy while simultaneously preventing soil erosion
  • ELIMINATES MUD SPLATTERS: Helps prevent mud from splattering on the side of your home to ensure the exterior remains in pristine condition after rainstorms
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH: Highly durable and decorative resin resists chipping and cracking while accenting your rain gutter drain with a gorgeous light taupe color and stylish design
  • ACCOMMODATES ALL DOWNSPOUTS: Measures 10.5″ x 21.25″ x 2″ and can be used with any kind of downspout for superior protection and results
  • Needs no anchoring
  • Used to guard against foundation water damage
  • Can be used with any kind of downspout
  • The Dimensions of this Rain Gutter are as follows: 21 1/2″ W x 10 3/4″ D x 2″ H.

Additional Info :

Color Taupe
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 10.5
Length 21.25

2. Mind Reader Decorative Downspout Extender, Protective Splash Block for Drainpipe, Natural Stone Texture Gutter Lengthener, Pack of 2, Grey

Features :

  • HOME PROTECTION – Divert water from your rain spout into your yard, preventing it from collecting at the base of your home and seeping into the foundation, where it can cause flooding and other structural damage
  • GUARD THE GARDEN – Use this splash block to direct rainwater away from your garden and landscaping, where it can create dangerous flooding and damage your flowers and shrubbery
  • STONE STYLINGS – Designed to mimic the appearance of granite splash blocks, these polypropylene extenders look stylish when placed in your yard, but don’t require the expense of actual stone
  • SIMPLE SETUP – Simply remove the drain spout extenders from the packaging and position them underneath the pipe, pointing away from your home, for a quick and easy setup
  • DIMENSIONS – 10.6″ L x 23.3″ W x 2.3″ H
  • STURDY DESIGN – The lightweight, durable design looks great in your yard, resists damage and decay over time, and won’t break the bank
  • PEST ARREST – Splash blocks help divert water out and away from your home, assisting in preventing standing water puddles where mosquitoes and other pesky insects breed and thrive

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 2.3
Width 23.3
Length 10.6

3. 2-Pack Decorative Downspout Natural Stone Texture Splash Block Rain Gutter Drain Extender

Features :

  • PROTECTS YOUR HOME – Prevents rainwater from seeping into you home’s foundation by dispersing water at the bottom of the downspout
  • PROTECTS FLOWER BEDS AND SHRUBS – Directs rain water away from foundation, while helping prevent soil erosion.
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN – Features a realistic stone look giving it an aesthetic appeal to any household.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Simply place the splash block under the downspout and adjust the angle to ensure it slopes down and away from, not toward, your home. Does Not Need Anchoring.
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING – Made of ultra-tough, easy to clean polycarbonate plastic that won’t rust or discolor from sun or chemicals

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 2.5
Width 11.5
Length 24

4. Lake Lite FGLLI01878HG-31510 Gutter Splash Block, Green

Features :

  • Directs water away from foundations to help protect against leakage and cracks
  • Prevent erosion damage
  • Made of rugged molded plastic
  • Protect decorative landscaping
  • Color Green

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 11.25
Length 23

5. Suncast SBR24 Brown 21.5″ Decorative Downspout Splash Blocks- Quantity 8

Features :

  • (8) ea Brown, Decorative Poly DownSpout Splash Blocks
  • Directs Rain Water Away From Foundation While Helping Prevent Soil Erosion.
  • Measure Approximately: 21.5″ x 10.5″ x 1.9″
  • Made in USA

Additional Info :

Color Brown
Item Dimensions
Weight 10.96

6. NuCast Precast Concrete Splash Block for Water and rain Drainage from Home, Gutter, downspout 3″ high x 11″ Wide x 30″ Long Solid Concrete

Features :

  • Proudly made in the USA with locally-sourced and environmentally-friendly materials!
  • SOLID durable precast concrete to ensure longevity in the beautification and safety of your home, dwelling, or structure
  • Place underneath downspouts to help divert water flow away from the foundation of your home or building.
  • Easy to install! Great for the do-it-yourselfer!

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 3
Width 11
Length 30
Weight 50

7. Master Mark Splash Block, Decorative Gutter downspout Extensions, Splashguard, Foundation Water Diverter, Rain Gutter Guard, Plastic 24” (2 Pack) Gray

Features :

  • Decorative Design – Our Stone design gives any home or yard a rustic and or natural look. The contours, depth and detail of the Splash Block puts us a step ahead of the competition.
  • Extended Protection – Protection extends beyond just your homes foundation by diverting water away from new lawn seed, plants and landscaping from flooding.
  • Simple Installation – The installation is as simple as possible by not having to anchor down any part of the Splash Block. Be sure to plan where you would like your water to run-off accordingly
  • Lasting Durability – High-Density Polyethylene provides protection against UV- fading (discoloration), chipping, cracking and rotting. Save money by not purchasing year after year and ORDER NOW!
  • Order From A Brand You Trust – Master Mark has been manufacturing HDPE plastics since 1966 in Minnesota and has built its brands around gaining loyalty from every guest. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we stand behind Amazon’s 30 day return policy. Your lawn and garden deserve the best. Thank you for considering Master Mark to be a part of your beautiful lawn and garden projects.

Additional Info :

Color Gray
Item Dimensions
Height 12
Width 24
Length 2.2
Weight 1

8. WholesalePlumbing Supply, 2Pack Downspout Splash Block Rain Gutter Extender Decorative Stone Texture, Black, SPLASH424BK2PK

Features :

  • PROTECTS YOUR HOME: Prevents rainwater from seeping into your home’s foundation by dispersing water at the bottom of the downspout.
  • PROTECTS FLOWER BEDS AND SHRUBS: Directs rainwater away from foundation, while helping prevent soil erosion. Keeps your stones, mulch and other landscaping cover in place.
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN: Features a decorative stone design that blends in with your landscaping.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply place the splash block under the downspout and adjust the angle to ensure it slopes down and away from, not toward, your home. Fits any type of downspout. Does Not Need Anchoring.
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING – UV light stable formula makes this splash block fade-resistant from constant sunlight. Made of durable HDPE plastic which prevents chipping or cracking.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.5
Width 11.5
Length 24

9. 2 Pack Decorative Gutter Downspout Extensions: Rain Gutter Downspout Splash Block, Down Spout Extender, Drain Gutter Guard Diverter, Stakes for Cement Floor and Lawn Included, Matte Black

Features :

  • 【DECORATIVE & FUNCTIONALLY 】Concise design, triangular protrusion texture, perfect blend with the lawn and home environment.
  • 【STRONG COMPATIBILITY】The dimensions of this rain gutter splash are as follows: 11’W * 24’L * 2’H. Can be used with any kind of down spout.
  • 【 FIRM ANCHORING】There are 4 pre-made holes in each downspout guard, for stakes to be inserted to hold them in place. In a heavy rain or wind it will not wash away or move.
  • 【 APPLY to ALL LAND TYPES】Consider different usage scenarios, we provide 2 types of stakes: 4*Plastic Stakes are used in garden land, 4*Steel Pegs + Gasket are used in cement floor (each nail is plus one more as a backup).
  • 【DURABLE & LONG LASTING】Downspout extension is made from ultra-tough and recycled plastic that won’t rust or discolor from sun or chemicals.
  • 【EASY to USE】No need for professional installation! Simply place the splash block directly under the gutter downspout and adjust the angle to ensure it slopes down and away from, not toward your house.
  • 【EASY SOLUTION to REROUTING WATER】Directs rain water away from foundation while helping prevent soil erosion, stop the gutters from washing a hole in your yard.

Additional Info :

Color Matte Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 11
Length 24
Weight 4

10. The Bully/Just One Bite

Additional Info :

Release Date 2006-10-25T00:00:00.000Z

Things to Look Before Buying splash block

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing splash block. First, you need to buy only what is beneficial for you. Second, the product quality should be more than satisfactory. Third, the price should be affordable. There are so many options available on the market, each of which has different features. Some are made from high-quality materials, while some are just not good enough to be used for a long time. It is very important to get the best one for your needs.

The following will help you know what to look for when buying splash block:

  • Quality of the product: Check the material used for making it. The material should be strong and durable enough to last long.
  • How much will it last: Once you have bought something, it might not be easy to replace it with a new one when something goes wrong with the old one. So, ensure the product is durable enough to last longer than expected.
  • Its brand reputation: It’s important to consider buying from a reputed brand, as they usually offer better quality products at reasonable prices than other brands.
  • User’s review: Read user reviews before buying any product online. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth your money and time.

Here are a few more considerations that you need to know:


The design of your splash block is also important because it helps make it easy to work with and looks attractive and appealing to the eye.  It should be attractive and eye-catching. If it is not attractive, then there is no use in buying that thing. You need to look at every minute detail while checking it out. If you get a design that does not match your taste or preference, it can ruin the overall needs rather than what you want it to be. It is therefore important that when looking for designs for your new splash block, choose one that matches your taste and your needs so that they complement each other well instead of clashing with each other or, even worse, ruin your needs completely!

What features do you need?

The product’s features are the second thing you must consider when buying splash block. This can be tricky because many different types of products with different features are available in the market today. Therefore, if you want something specific in your product, make sure it has those features before making any purchase. If possible, try out each product before buying one so that you can see whether or not it meets all your requirements or not!


When buying splash block, quality is extremely important. You want something that will last and not break after using it a few times. It won’t be worth your money and time if you buy something that breaks easily or doesn’t work well. So, research what brands have good products with high-quality materials that can handle heavy use without breaking down easily.

Price of the product

The fourth thing to consider when buying splash block is its price. Of course, you must be careful because buying something too expensive can be hard on your budget. However, if it’s too cheap, there might be something wrong with it, or they could sell fake products. Be sure to look up prices before making any purchases to ensure it’s within your budget!

Your budget

You need to know how much money you want to spend on splash block before going out and shopping for it. This is because different prices mean that different options are available to you. You can only get what you can afford, so set a realistic budget and stick with it. If your budget is high enough, go ahead and buy the most expensive option available, but if not, try to find one that will fit your budget constraints while still performing well enough for your needs.


The durability of the splash block can be affected by the materials used to make it and how well it is constructed. If you want your splash block to last for a long time, then make sure it is built using good quality materials. The material should also withstand wear and tear, so it doesn’t break easily.


Next up is brand reputation. Some brands have been around for many years and have proven trustworthy, reliable, and consistent in their manufacturing processes over time. Suppose you buy splash block from a popular brand. In that case, chances are you will get good service if there’s ever an issue with your purchase because they know how important their reputation is among consumers looking for quality products at affordable prices. They want to keep it that way!

Check for warranties and guarantees

When you buy splash block, you should check for any warranties or guarantees that come with the item. Some companies provide warranties for their products, while others give customers refunds if they’re not satisfied with their purchase within 30 days. This way, if you buy a defective product or there’s an issue with it after using it for some time, there are ways to get something done without spending more money on something else.

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