10 Best Spark Testers -Reviews & Buying Guide

Buying the best spark testers is pretty simple, but choosing the right one for you isn’t necessarily easy, especially when considering just how many options are out there. To help you out, we did all the research out there, considering the various types, quality, and features available. During the analysis of this product, we considered all the important factors. Keep reading to learn more about the research factors and our top 10 picks of spark testers so you can easily buy one.

10 Best spark testers to Buy This Year

Our team members have a strong background in the spark testers industry. We began this study by considering the most important aspects of an spark testers. To rate each product, our research regime puts each spark testers through multi-point performance analysis. We subjected each spark testers to over 10 individual metrics research to find the best spark testers out there.

Our research of spark testers covers these metrics:

  • Product Quality
  • The design
  • Materials used to build
  • The price of spark testers
  • Strength and durability
  • Characteristics of the product
  • Products value for money
  • Products versatility
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Products functionality
  • User Feedback
  • Size and weight
  • Warranty policy, and many more.

The most important metric for spark testers is product quality. We believe this is the most important thing to get the best spark testers, so we give it a higher weighting than other test metrics. In addition to the experience of our researchers and user feedback, we also utilize information from our extensive product research to compare each spark testers performance.

1. Lisle 20610 Inline Spark Tester

Features :

  • Gives a Visual Check of the Ignition System.
  • Quickly diagnose problems with all ignition systems. Connect the tool between the spark plug and the plug wire.
  • The tool is double-ended to offer a straight boot and a 90boot on one tool. With the engine running, the tool flashes a mirror image of ignition spark.
  • Patent: 6,714,015

Additional Info :

Color Factory
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 5.75
Length 10.5
Weight 0.31

2. 【The Best Deal】OriGlam Spark Plug Tester, Adjustable Ignition System Coil Tester, Coil-on Plug Ignition Spark Circuit Tester, Autos Diagnostic Test Tool

Features :

  • √ Professional Design – According to spark color and flash over distance to determine the quality of the coil.
  • √ Great Value – Can intuitively convenient to understand the operation of the ignition coil.
  • √ Better And Faster – It is the quickest way to test for no-start conditions.
  • √ Easy To Read – High visibility white lettering makes it easy to read the gap measurement.
  • √ Perfect Selection – Screw assembly adjusts spark gap quickly and easily. Avoid fire, the ignition coil burned out and so on.

Additional Info :

Color white
Item Dimensions
Height 1.181102361
Width 3.149606296
Length 7.480314953
Weight 0.22

3. Oregon 42-087 In Line Spark Plug Ignition Tester

Features :

  • Test the life of your spark plug
  • Similar to Briggs and Stratton 19368 Ignition Tester
  • Use with the engine running or just cranking
  • Red and black in color
  • Check for ignition problems before replacing any parts

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.1
Width 4.2
Length 5.4
Weight 0.1

4. MIKKUPPA Small Inline Spark Plug Tester, for Motorcycles, Lawn Mowers, Small Motor Vehicles

Features :

  • PERFECT FIT YOUR VEHICLES: From small engines like motorcycles and lawn mowers to cars, trucks, boat motors, this small engine spark plug tester tool works for all internal and external combustion engines that use spark plugs.
  • DIAGNOSE PROBLEMS QUICKLY: Use MIKKUPPA spark plug ignition tester for small engines and vehicles to quickly and easily diagnose ignition, engine problems and defects, and troubleshoot spark plug connections, contact points, defective cables, etc.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: Rubber sheath, high-quality high-temperature-resistant wire, environmentally friendly acetate fiber plastic, work in high and low temperature environments have no effect.
  • EASY TO USE: Easily determine which cylinder is causing issues with this spark plug test light. Simply connect the spark detector spark plug tool between the spark plug and the plug wire then start the engine.
  • PRECISION SPECIFICATIONS: Each engine spark tester automobile spark plug checker has a 3-inch (7.6 cm) nickel-plated shaft and a 7-inch (17.8 cm) rubber straight sleeve and cable. A pair of 1 inch (2.5 cm) lampshades, the distance of this tool is 11.3 inches (28.8 cm), even in hard-to-reach areas, you can check for sparks.

Additional Info :

Color Spark Plug Tester
Item Dimensions
Height 7.8
Width 1.2
Length 4.2

5. SINGARO Inline Spark Plug Tester, Plug-in Engine Ignition Tester, Car Exterior Accessories, Automobile, Lawn Mower,Engine Verification-Armature Diagnostic Test Tool

Features :

  • Scope of application: The spark plug tester is universal and suitable for testing and troubleshooting small or large internal/external engines such as engines, trucks, automobiles, lawn mowers, marine engines and motorcycles. It is the preferred product in any personal or professional machinery store or automobile garage.
  • About use: Just connect the tester between the spark plug and the spark plug wire, and it takes about 30 seconds for the internal combustion engine to troubleshoot. If the engine can emit spark, the tester bulb reflects the spark and lights up, so as to quickly find the fault point and bad circuit of the spark plug.
  • Excellent material selection: It adopts excellent rubber and metal, high-temperature resistant wire and environmental friendly acetate plastic. It works in high and low temperature environment without impact and is durable.
  • Product size: 2.28 inch metal interface, 4.44 inch shaft/lamp housing, 6.53 inch sheath/cable; The internal bulb lasts for several years and is replaced by a transparent housing.
  • Service: If you have any questions about the product, please contact us in time, and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions.

Additional Info :

Color 1
Item Dimensions
Height 0.2
Width 0.3
Length 0.4

6. Inline Spark Plug Tester Engine Ignition Tester Straight Boot Ignition Tester Light Lawnmower Engine Checker Armature Diagnostic Detector for Automotive Car Lawnmower Internal External Engine (1)

Features :

  • Diagnose misfire issues: ignition misfires can cause your engine to stumble or lose power, spark plug ignition tester can quickly and easily diagnose ignition and engine issues and defects, which is a practical diagnostic tool for any engine with a spark plug, diagnose ignition/ engine outboard motor issues or a fault in the fuel delivery system, troubleshoot spark plug connections, contact points, bad cables and more
  • Materials and dimension: the spark tester probe is made of quality plated shaft, rust and corrosion resistant, double ended flexible tool offers a straight boot, the internal bulb lasts for years, this tool measures measures approx. 11.3 inches/ 28.8 cm in length, suitable dimension to check for spark in even the hard to reach areas
  • Light indication: spark plug light checker indicates inconsistencies and sparks in a way that keeps you safe from electric currents; Intense bright white light indicates a healthy spark while jumping and dim color indicates a weak coil or plug; Remove the guesswork by using this lawn mower spark plug tester and coil pack tester, disassemble spark plug tester tool to access and replace the internal bulb
  • Simple and convenient operation: it takes about 30 seconds essential for trouble shooting all internal combustion engines, you just need to simply connect the tester between the spark plug and the plug wire, if spark is being sent, the tester will mirror the spark and light up, to find dirty spark plugs, defective points, bad cables or connections, etc.
  • Wide range of application: it fit for all 2- or 4-stroke, the essential troubleshooting for all internal and external combustion engines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, snow-blowers and so on, this automotive spark tester tool will meet your a plenty of applications

Additional Info :

Color white

7. Lisle 20700 Coil-on Plug Spark Tester

Features :

  • Package Dimensions: 1.27 cms (L) x 1.524 cms (W) x 1.27 cms (H)
  • Product Type: Spark Plug
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Country Of Origin: Taiwan

Additional Info :

Color Factory
Item Dimensions
Height 1.5
Width 5.25
Length 7.25
Weight 0.25
Release Date 2014-05-20T00:00:01Z

8. Spark Plug Tester Dual Holes Engine Ignition Coil Tester 500-6000rpm Working Frequency, Car Spark Plug Tester Tool with Protective Cover, Automotive Spark Plug Tester for 12V Gasoline Vehicles

Features :

  • 【Spark Plug Tester for Simultaneous Dual-hole Testing】The automotive spark plug tester has two test holes, which can perform dual-hole simultaneous testing. By comparing the intensity of the test spark, an accurate judgment can be made on the quality of the spark plug, and the spark plug can work normally.
  • 【Spark Plug Tester with Operating Frequency from 500 to 6000rpm】The working frequency of the automotive spark plug tester is adjustable, and the range can reach 500 to 6000rpm. The higher the set frequency, the stronger the spark intensity. It can be adjusted as needed.
  • 【Time-Saving and Efficient Spark Plug Tester】The working principle of the car spark plug tester is to test the performance of the spark plug at the same time by simulating engine work, which is more time-saving and efficient. Suitable for spark plugs of most 12V gasoline cars.
  • 【Plug-and-Play Spark Plug Tester Tool】Put the spark plug in the test hole, close the protective cover, connect the power supply and adjust the working frequency, and is equipped with a high-voltage indicator. You can easily observe the spark plug test status through the protective cover.
  • 【Ignition Coil Tester with Protective Cover】The automotive spark tester has a special protective cover design. Cover the protective cover before use to ensure the safety of the operator during the test and visually observe the test results.
  • 【NOTE】This spark plug tester tool is specially designed for testing spark plugs of automobile engines. Not suitable for testing the short plugs of lawn mowers, chainsaws or most small engines.

9. Ram-Pro Spark Tester, Plug Engine Ignition Tester, 6-12 Volt Fool-Proof – Pick Up Coil/Armature Diagnostic Detector Tool – for Automotive, Car Lawnmower Small & Big Internal/External Engines 2 PK

Features :

  • The Ram-Pro Engine Spark Tester Probe is a must have diagnostic tool for any engine with a spark plug, & can quickly and easily diagnose ignition/engine outboard motor issues or a fault in the fuel delivery system
  • HOW TO USE: Simply connect the tester between the spark plug and the plug wire, if spark is being sent, the tester will mirror the spark and light up – Find dirty spark plugs, defective points, bad cables or connections, etc.
  • DIMENSIONS: 6″ boot/cable, 5″ shaft/light housing; 2.2 oz. DESIGN: Nickel Plated Shaft, Double ended flexible tool offers a straight boot -– Internal bulb lasts for years, but is replaceable through transparent housing
  • MUST HAVE: When engine won’t start, gives instant answer to ‘does it have spark?’ – Saves time, frustration and money while also offering a safe secure way to identify spark
  • USE FOR: Essential Troubleshooting for All Internal & External Combustion Engines, cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, snow-blowers, generators etc. – A must have for any individual, professional mechanic garage and auto shop

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.1375

10. 9 Pieces Automotive Compression Tester Kit and Spark Plug Tester, Universal Car and Motorcycle Engine Testing Tools for Cylinder Pressure Gauge (Blue)

Features :

  • 【Complete Kit for Car Testing】: the 9pcs cylinder testing kit comes with 8 x compression tool and 1 x spark plug tester, total package includes 1 x SPARK PLUG TESTER, 1 x 300PSI DUAL UNITS GAUGE, 1 x STRAIGHT RUBBER CONE ADAPTER, 1 x CURVED RUBBER CONE ADAPTER, 4 x BRASS ADAPTERS, and 1 x 14-inch EXTENSION HOSE, complete package allows you to test the car’s condition easily by yourself
  • 【Extra Value with Spark Plug Tester】: the spark tester is a must have diagnostic tool for engine which has a spark plug, you can diagnose ignition or engine outboard motor issues and a fault in the fuel delivery system quickly and easily; If spark is being sent, the tester will mirror the spark and you can see it light up, therefor you can find dirty spark plugs, defective points, bad cables or connections, etc.
  • 【300psi Dual Units Gauge with 3” Dial】: easy to read this compression gauge which comes with 0 – 300 PSI and 0 – 20 kg/ cm square dual units, the gauge cover is protected by an anti-scratch coating and rubber protection to absorb shocks; Plus, all the items are contained in an ABS case for easy storage, the fittings can accommodate most or all of your needs for most engines, good kit overall for your garage
  • 【Easy and Safe to Use】: first, remove the fuel pump and fuel-injection fuses, disconnect the main wire to the coil and spark plug wires, and remove spark plugs; And then start the threaded end of the compression gauge in a spark plug hole by hand; Last, turn the ignition on, depress the throttle, and crank the engine four revolutions to get accurate data
  • Note: please make sure that all parts are well installed before proceeding to the cylinder pressure test; Do NOT touch any of the spark plug tester or any part of the test units when the ignition is on, switch off the engine and take out the key each time before you touch them; If any other questions on this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always glad to help

Additional Info :

Color Blue

Things to Look Before Buying spark testers

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing spark testers. First, you need to buy only what is beneficial for you. Second, the product quality should be more than satisfactory. Third, the price should be affordable. There are so many options available on the market, each of which has different features. Some are made from high-quality materials, while some are just not good enough to be used for a long time. It is very important to get the best one for your needs.

The following will help you know what to look for when buying spark testers:

  • Quality of the product: Check the material used for making it. The material should be strong and durable enough to last long.
  • How much will it last: Once you have bought something, it might not be easy to replace it with a new one when something goes wrong with the old one. So, ensure the product is durable enough to last longer than expected.
  • Its brand reputation: It’s important to consider buying from a reputed brand, as they usually offer better quality products at reasonable prices than other brands.
  • User’s review: Read user reviews before buying any product online. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth your money and time.

Here are a few more considerations that you need to know:


The design of your spark testers is also important because it helps make it easy to work with and looks attractive and appealing to the eye.  It should be attractive and eye-catching. If it is not attractive, then there is no use in buying that thing. You need to look at every minute detail while checking it out. If you get a design that does not match your taste or preference, it can ruin the overall needs rather than what you want it to be. It is therefore important that when looking for designs for your new spark testers, choose one that matches your taste and your needs so that they complement each other well instead of clashing with each other or, even worse, ruin your needs completely!

What features do you need?

The product’s features are the second thing you must consider when buying spark testers. This can be tricky because many different types of products with different features are available in the market today. Therefore, if you want something specific in your product, make sure it has those features before making any purchase. If possible, try out each product before buying one so that you can see whether or not it meets all your requirements or not!


When buying spark testers, quality is extremely important. You want something that will last and not break after using it a few times. It won’t be worth your money and time if you buy something that breaks easily or doesn’t work well. So, research what brands have good products with high-quality materials that can handle heavy use without breaking down easily.

Price of the product

The fourth thing to consider when buying spark testers is its price. Of course, you must be careful because buying something too expensive can be hard on your budget. However, if it’s too cheap, there might be something wrong with it, or they could sell fake products. Be sure to look up prices before making any purchases to ensure it’s within your budget!

Your budget

You need to know how much money you want to spend on spark testers before going out and shopping for it. This is because different prices mean that different options are available to you. You can only get what you can afford, so set a realistic budget and stick with it. If your budget is high enough, go ahead and buy the most expensive option available, but if not, try to find one that will fit your budget constraints while still performing well enough for your needs.


The durability of the spark testers can be affected by the materials used to make it and how well it is constructed. If you want your spark testers to last for a long time, then make sure it is built using good quality materials. The material should also withstand wear and tear, so it doesn’t break easily.


Next up is brand reputation. Some brands have been around for many years and have proven trustworthy, reliable, and consistent in their manufacturing processes over time. Suppose you buy spark testers from a popular brand. In that case, chances are you will get good service if there’s ever an issue with your purchase because they know how important their reputation is among consumers looking for quality products at affordable prices. They want to keep it that way!

Check for warranties and guarantees

When you buy spark testers, you should check for any warranties or guarantees that come with the item. Some companies provide warranties for their products, while others give customers refunds if they’re not satisfied with their purchase within 30 days. This way, if you buy a defective product or there’s an issue with it after using it for some time, there are ways to get something done without spending more money on something else.

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