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Top 7 Best Roku Projector Review

Projectors bring content to life, casting images to a large screen, wall, or ceiling. With Roku projectors, you get the best experience. It projects crisp and clear images suitable for watching movies, sports, playing video games, or presentations at the workplace. 

Different models of projectors are available on the market, and choosing the right one can be ‌overwhelming. So we reviewed and tested 25 projectors available on the market.

We reviewed customer reviews and technical specifications. We compared the projectors’ functionality and featured to select the best projector for streaming. Analyzed were native resolution, sound, remote controls, color accuracy, and brightness setting. 

Check its size and whether it is easy to transport and store when traveling. Choose a projector with universal connectivity for seamless connectivity with media devices.

RCA RPJ133 Home Theater Projector is the best Roku projector. Its picture clarity is unrivaled. And it comes with great features like 3-D viewing, voice control, and color and contrasts automatic adjustments. Plus, it has built-in speakers, so you don’t need an external one. Now you can watch movies at home like in the theater. It is a high-quality product that will give you a lifetime experience.

Our Top Pick:

Leading 7 Best Roku Projector Review

1. RCA RPJ133 Home Theater Projector

Designed to change how you watch movies, RCA RPJ133 Home Theater Projector tops our list. It Combines long-lasting lamps with advanced image processing to ensure clear, crisp images. Its three built-in 2-watt stereo speakers deliver rich sound that enhances the home theater experience. 

Great for large rooms and ambient light environments, the RPJ133 projector finds application in education, homes, hospitality, and service industries. Now you can enjoy all your favorite media with the ultra-bright and powerful RCA RPJ133 home theater projector.



It supports applications and onboard memory cards so you can always access your favorite programs, videos, and photos. This makes it suitable for watching sports, streaming videos, and sharing photos. It also connects easily with gaming consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox, etc., for gaming without compromising on quality.


America’s No.1 Streaming Platform, Roku powers RCA RPJ133 Projector. The Roku Streaming Stick lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, and more. 

Its small size makes it easy to carry when traveling. The bundled voice remote features buttons to control power and volume, search and do other things.


The 1280 x 800 (WXGA) native resolution provides clear images, while 2 built-in 8W speakers produce stereo sound like a traditional home theatre.

This powerful yet compact multimedia projector features 60 ANSI lumens color brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and 16:9 aspect ratio. It can produce Full HD 1080p video besides standard-definition content.  


HDMI, VGA, AUX AUDIO OUT, and AV inputs allow you to connect various devices to the projector. It also has two USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity.


The viewing sizes range from 36 inches to 150 inches. Projection distances range from 4.5 feet to 16.5 feet, depending on the display size. Keep a projection distance of 6.5 feet for best results.


  • Designed for ‌darkened environments with minimal eye strain
  • Ultra-affordable yet powerful home theater projector
  • It is portable, and you can place it anywhere in the house.
  • Compatible with many applications, memory cards, and other devices


  • It does not work well with PowerPoint or any other office presentation.

2. RCA RPJ-133 720p Smart Home Theater Projector Includes Roku Streaming Stick – (Renewed)

RCA RPJ 133 is one of the best Roku projectors suitable for entertainment and office presentation. It offers stunning visual performance and features at an affordable price. With this projector, you can watch movies and TV shows in high definition (HD). 

It comes with a built-in Roku streaming stick for instant access to thousands of streaming options, including Netflix and Hulu. RCA RPJ 133 projector provides 1280 X 720p native resolution, 100 ANSI lumens brightness rating, and various connection inputs. Built-in speakers provide vibrant stereo sound with no additional equipment. Enjoy wide viewing angles and dynamic contrast with this RCA home theater projector.


  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0

 allows you to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-compatible speakers for a richer surround sound experience. 

  • Native Resolution

It supports input resolutions of up to 1080p, which lets you enjoy crisp images sacrificing no detail of your favorite movies. With a native resolution of 1280 x 720, this Roku projector supports 1080p including 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480p, and 480i through HDMI input.

  • Multiple Connection Option

A wide variety of connectivity options, including USB, HDMI, VGA, etc. You can watch everything from your computer, cable box, gaming console, or other devices on your big screen.

  • Built-in Roku streaming stick 

The Roku streaming stick provides virtually unlimited entertainment options.

  • Stunning Images

The 16:9 aspect ratio provides stunning pictures. The picture sizes range from 30 inches to 150 inches. The optimal picture size is 37 inches to 100 inches.


  • The RPJ-133’s compact design makes it easy to carry and set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
  • It is affordable, compact, and lightweight with all the severe features of the TV setup box.
  • This projector is energy efficient for extended battery life
  • It supports PowerPoint presentations from Laptop, Computer, or Mac 
  • Easily connects and streams contents from android phones and tablets via Airplay using Chromecast
  • You can download and install HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video apps.

3. ONN Projector 720p lumens Portable w/ Roku Streaming Stick (Renewed)

An impressive 720p projector with a high-quality picture and amazing portability.

With its 720p lumens and Roku streaming stick, this refurbished ONN projector delivers high-quality audio and video. Thanks to its design, size, and weight, it is ideal for indoors and outdoors. 

It features a 720p resolution and a high contrast ratio for excellent picture quality. With the Roku Streaming Stick, you can access TV channels and streaming apps from one interface. Besides, you can connect your electronic devices using its multiple connectivity options.


  • Native Resolution

 1280 x 720 for high-quality video with a cinematic experience. The 1280 x 720 feature is great for fast action scenes that would otherwise be too blurry on lower-resolution projectors

  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio

 This aspect ratio ensures widespread screen projection for the best video viewing experience. But if you don’t want to watch the widespread screen, you can switch to a 4:3 ratio for a square projection

  • Built-in Speakers 

offer great sound quality, so you can enjoy your favorite programs without having to connect external speakers

  • Multiple Connectivity 

The 720 Roku projector offers the connectivity options you need with its two HDMI inputs, AV, AUX audio out, VGA port, and two USB ports. This allows you to connect your laptop computer or gaming console for extended viewing enjoyment.

  •  Built-in Roku Streaming Stick 

With the Roku Streaming Stick, you can watch thousands of movies and TV channels for free. With its dedicated Roku remote, you can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu directly.

  • Picture Screen Size 

720 projectors have a screen size adjustable up to 150 inches so that you can project your desired image size on any flat surface 


  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Small and compact design. Easy to carry around during travel
  • Adjustable screen size


  • This projector can be noisy because of its fan 

4. The Mini Projector, 2022 Upgrade Portable LCD Projector

Featuring a 1080P HD projector, the 2022 Upgrade portable LCD projector offers high-quality images. It has built-in speakers eliminating the need for external speakers. 

Using an HDMI cable or USB cable, you can project your documents and photos from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Thanks to its small size, you can enjoy your entertainment anywhere. 

It has high-quality LED lamps which offer a brighter picture and clearer images while being cost-effective than traditional projectors. Perfect for home entertainment, conferences, and classrooms. A wide-angle lens provides a larger display coverage area. 

It has a brightness of 480 ANSI lumens for brilliant images under various lighting conditions. Additionally, it has a native resolution of 800 x 600 for awesome photos and videos.


  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design 

 The ultra-slim and lightweight design make it ideal for outdoor use so that you can enjoy your favorite movies.

  • Multiple Connection Options

Connecting options include HDMI, VGA, USB, SD Card, and Wi-Fi (Airplay & miracast). Compatible with smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, computers, Roku, and TV sticks

  • Wide picture size 

 Enjoy the great entertainment on a big screen up to 133 inches wide

  • 1080P full HD resolution 

The 1080P Full HD resolution produces clearer images with a wider range of colors and contrast than the 720P resolution. 

  • LED lamps 

It has LED lamps that produce high-quality images at a fraction of the cost of traditional projectors.


  • Has LED lighting system which is long-lasting, cost-effective, and power saving
  • The LED lighting system causes less strain on the eye
  • Affordable


  • Built-in speakers have poor sound quality. So you may need to get external speakers.
  • Not suitable for media room

5. The ONN 720p Portable Projector w/Roku Streaming Stick

Enjoy a big-screen experience anywhere with the ONN 720p portable projector with Roku streaming stick. It instantly transforms any room into an entertainment center with 720p HD picture quality, built-in speakers, and 50 lumens. 

You can access Amazon Video, VUDU, Netflix, and more with the Roku streaming stick. And Built-in rechargeable battery makes it easy to use while traveling and for outdoor entertainment. 

Ideal for indoor business presentations or outdoor movie nights. Built-in speakers and HDMI connectivity make using this product a breeze. With the HDMI or VGA port, you can even stream your laptop’s display without installing software. 

Use a built-in 10W speaker for audio or connect to external speakers via the 3.5mm headphone jack for more surround sound. The USB port allows you to connect flash disks or SD cards. With this portable projector and Roku stick, you can now project movies on a screen, wall, or ceiling. 

Simply connect it to your computer, smartphone, or tablet to stream movies, TV shows, music, sports, etc.


  • Wireless connectivity 

Enjoy your videos, photos, and games on the big screen with ONN’s 720p Wi-Fi-enabled projector.

  •  Built-in speakers

With built-in speakers, you can enjoy rich audio from movies and music

  • The Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick allows wireless streaming of shows and movies from over 1000 channels. You can access free, and premium content from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and HBO GO. 

  • Sparkling Pictures

The 720p (1280 X 700) resolution, Aspect ratio 16:9 or 4:3

and 600:1 contrast ratio ensures crystal-clear brightness and vibrant colors. Picture optimal size ranges from 36 inches to 150 inches

  • Multiple Connectivities

Connectivity options include USB, HDMI, AV, AUX audio out, and VGA


  • Works even in daylight
  • Small and compact for easy transportation
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use


  • Poor music quality may require you to get external speakers.

6. NEBULA Anker Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Looking for a mini projector that seamlessly integrates with your smartphone or tablet? Small, smart, and packed with epic features, Nebula Capsule brings cinematic viewing and crisp, high-quality sound to any space. 

Nebula’s epic features, such as voice control, mirroring, gesture control, and more, make it a perfect platform for PowerPoint presentations and entertainment. It transforms your walls into a movie theater with 100 ANSI lumens, 360° speakers, and over 4 hours of video playback. 

The built-in wireless feature enables you to project from anywhere without dangling cables. With the built-in Wi-Fi, you can stream without lag with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band connections. And with 40 to 100 inches display size, viewing media content becomes more sensational. Android 7.1 allows you to connect to electronic devices and easily access apps. 


  • 720p native resolutions for crystal clear images of up to 100 inches
  • Compatible with computers, iPhone, and Android devices
  • 4-hour video playtime on a single charge. A built-in 360° speaker blasts high-quality sound without additional setup.
  • Multiple Connectivities – connect and stream contents seamlessly to electric devices 
  • LED light source and advanced cooling system provide longer and more stable projections
  • Built-in Android TV interface for easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube content


  • It is small, Stylish, and easy to carry around
  • Extended battery watch time up to 4 hours
  • Easy to operate with the built-in android system


  • Does not function well in rooms with some lights. It needs dark rooms

7. FANGOR HD Bluetooth Projector

FANGOR HD Bluetooth Projector is light enough to carry around but powerful enough to project a large screen. This projector ensures epic performance and low power consumption, featuring the latest LCD imaging and LED lighting technologies. 

The built-in wireless connection function allows you to connect electric devices wirelessly. And a 10W speaker delivers clear sound within 30 meters’ range. You can easily connect your laptop, computer, or mobile devices via Bluetooth, USB, or HDMI ports. 

It supports full HD 1080P resolution and projects up to 150-inch crystal clear pictures perfect for entertainment, party, or business meetings. Projector features among the FANGOR HD Bluetooth are large screen projection, full HD picture, Bluetooth connectivity, and a Memory card reader. 

The built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 hours when fully charged. Watch movies and play games in high definition with this portable projector.


  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. Bluetooth only supports audio transfers. 
  • Full HD 1080P native resolution, 27 image quality optimization, and 4000:1 contrast ratio to produce sparkling and clear pictures
  • Multiple connectivities via Bluetooth, HDMI, VGA, AV, SD cards, and USB
  • Large screen projection that can easily fill the screen with crystal clear 1080p full HD picture,
  • Memory card reader which allows you to watch movies or play games right off any memory card
  • Excellent sound system: it is designed with advanced built-in twin speakers to blast booming and stereo sound


  • No additional speakers required
  • Multiple video inputs
  • Low power consumption


  • USB port does not support all file formats

Buying Guide for Best Roku Projector

Buying Guide to Best Roku Projector

We have reviewed the best Roku projectors available in the market. Still, it can be hard to select the ideal Roku projector, especially if you want to watch high-definition pictures on a giant screen.

That’s why we have put together this buying guide for you. 

When choosing a Roku projector, you need to consider:

1. Brightness

Brightness, measured in ANSI lumens, refers to how much light a projector produces. A higher brightness means clearer images in low light conditions. If you need to use your projector in a dark room, look for a high brightness rating. And for a bright room, look for a lower brightness rating.

Example of ideal lumens for different environments

Homes 1500 – 2000 lumens
Schools and boardrooms3000 – 4500 lumens
Church, lecture halls, and big hallsover 4500 lumens
Stadium, movie hallsOver 20,000 lumens

2. Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio measures how well two colors appear next to each other on the screen and how you can discern fine details within them. Videos and movies need this because it keeps the blacks from looking gray and the whites from looking yellowish, which can happen when your contrast ratio is low.

3. Resolution

Measured in pixels, the resolution of a projector determines the clarity and crispness of its image. 

Home theater projectors come with the following resolution:

  • 4K = 4096 x 2160 resolution
  • HD = 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • WXGA = 1280 x 800 pixels
  • XGA = 1024 x 768 pixels

As a projector’s resolution increases, its image becomes clearer and crisper. Today, most projectors are HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), while few offer 4K resolution. 

Ensure the projector’s resolution matches the type of content you want to view. Example: For 4K resolution, use a 4K projector. If you are a sports enthusiast, ‌buy a 1080p projector because most sporting events are broadcast in HD or 720p resolution.

4. Prices 

Prices for Roku projectors vary depending on their features, brand name, and sellers. Many brands sell their products at discounted rates, while others sell them at full price. So, when purchasing a Roku projector, make sure you compare prices from different sellers.

5. Screen Size

A larger screen will offer you a better viewing experience, but it comes at a higher price. You enjoy movies and play games in their full glory with a large screen. Smaller screens are suitable for presentations in offices or classrooms.

How to Set Up a Roku Projector?

You can set up a Roku projector in just a few minutes. Follow these 4 simple steps to stream your favorite shows and movies.

Step One: connecting Roku device to a projector

  • Roku Express and Roku Ultra: you will need an HDMI cable. Connect one port of the HDMI cable to the projector input port. Next, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the Roku Express or Roku Ultra.
  • Roku Stick: plug the Roku stick directly into the projector HDMI input port. But if you have small space, use an HDMI extender cable to connect your Roku stick to the projector HDMI input port.

After connecting the Roku device to the projector, the subsequent steps are the same for Roku Stick, Roku Express, and Roku Ultra. To continue with the following steps:

Step Two: Powering Projector and Roku Device

  • Turn on the projector 
  • Select the HDMI input port on the project which you plugged in the HDMI cable or Roku device
  • Power on the Roku device. You should see the Roku icon on your screen

Step Three: Pairing Remote and Roku Device

  • Insert batteries to your Roku remote control
  • A green light flickers as the remote starts connecting with the Roku device
  • Remove the remote battery compartment cover  
  • press the remote pairing button for five seconds

Step Four: Remote Control and Account Settings

  • Select your language
  • Connect your Roku to Wi-Fi
  • Set resolution compatible with your Roku projector
  • Connect your Roku account with the Roku device. If you don’t have an account yet, simply create one at Roku.com
  •  Watch your favorite channels

How to Connect a Roku Projector to Wi-Fi?

You must connect your Roku to your Wi-Fi network to stream movies and shows. It is an easy process and takes a few minutes.

  1. How to Connect a Roku Device to The Internet for The First Time?

While connecting a Roku device to Wi-Fi for the first time, follow these steps. Otherwise, skip to section B.

Step One: You will need the following

  • Roku devices like a Roku streaming stick, Roku TV, or box
  • Roku remote control
  • Router with wireless and wired connectivity options

Step Two: Setup Process

First, connect your Roku device to power. Once connected to the power source, it will prompt you to complete the setup process to connect your Roku device to the internet. 

  • Select Settings from the main menu, then select System
  • On the setup process prompt, choose either wireless or wired to concert your router and internet
  • Select the wireless option
  • Your Roku device will automatically scan for available Wi-Fi networks within range.
  • You will see all available Wi-Fi networks within range of your Roku device
  • Select your Wi-Fi from the list of the available networks
  • If you don’t see your Wi-Fi network, press scan again 
  • After several attempts, your Roku device might be out of range if you don’t see your Wi-Fi network. In that case, move your Roku device closer to your router or vice versa
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network
  •  Your Roku device connects to your Wi-Fi network
  • Enter your password and press connect
  • Your Roku device will automatically scan for available software/firmware updates upon successful connection to the Wi-Fi.
  • Download and install updates if available

How to Connect Roku Device After First Time Setup

When switching Roku to a new Wi-Fi network. Or, switching Roku from a wired to a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

  • Press the home icon on your remote
  • Scroll to Settings and press enter key
  • A menu screen opens. Scroll down to network
  • Scroll down and select Set Up Connection
  • Select the wireless option
  • Wait for the Roku device to discover your Wi-Fi network
  • Input your security password
  • Wait for connection confirmation

That’s it: you can now enjoy your favorite streaming content and Roku device’s unique features. 


Which Roku Device Is Best for A Projector?

The Roku Express is the best Roku device for projectors. 

It is easy to use and includes Roku’s core features in an easy-to-install package. You can even connect it to your projector wirelessly with an adapter cable. 

It offers access to over 900 channels, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and YouTube. The Express works with any projector with HDMI ports, and it supports both standard and HD video. Besides, it works with remote control and voice assistants.

Is There a Projector for Roku?

Yes, there are plenty of projectors for Roku available on the market today. These projectors work seamlessly with your Roku device, allowing you to stream contents on a large screen, walls or ceiling. 

We have reviewed the 7 best Roku projectors in this article for your consideration.  

Can You Play Netflix Through a Projector?

You can play Netflix through a projector, but it’s not as simple as plugging it in. It requires the right equipment, a streaming device, and an HDMI cable. To play Netflix through your projector, you must connect the HDMI cable from the streaming device to the projector. 

While most projectors require a streaming device to play content through a projector, smart projectors have built-in Netflix apps.

 Why Can’t I Mirror Netflix On My Projector?

You cannot mirror Netflix on your projector for several reasons. (1) Your Netflix app is outdated or not configured to work with your projector. Or you are not using a smart projector. 

If you cannot mirror Netflix on a smart projector, consider these:

1. Your device might not have an HDMI port, which is required for mirroring Netflix. 

2. your device’s HDMI port is not HDCP compliant, which is required for streaming protected content from Netflix, iTunes movies, and Apple Music.

Can You Watch Hulu On a Projector?

 Yes, you can cast Hulu from your device to a projector. You will need Google Chrome and an Android TV projector. You can also watch Hulu on your projector using AirPlay and gaming consoles. Consult the manufacturer’s manual for details on using Google Chrome, AirPlay, or a gaming console to stream Hulu.


Hopefully, this review and buying guide will help you find the best Roku projector for your needs… But if you are still undecided, why not try our top choice—the RCA RPJ133 Home Theater Projector.

When shopping for a Roku projector, you have many options and features to consider. All seven Roku projectors reviewed in this article have plenty to offer. You will get what you pay for with these products. It ultimately comes down to your budget and needs. 

The best way to find an amazing projector is to narrow down your selection to our reviewed Roku projectors. 

Last, did we miss any of your favorite Roku projectors? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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