Top 10 Best Laptop for Drawing Reviews

As digital art gets popular by the day, you will want the best device for satisfactory results as an artist. Laptops are, no wonder, the right choice for digital art since they possess all the facilities that a tablet or iPad may lack. We have tried to narrow down the list since the market is swarmed with high-quality laptops to confuse you. After thorough research and experience, we present you with the best laptop for drawing that is highly recommended. 

Our Favorite Best Laptop for Drawing

Leading 10 Best Laptops for Drawing- 2022

1. Lenovo Flex 5 14″ 2-in-1 Laptop

Lenovo Flex 5 14 2-in-1 Laptop, 14.0' FHD Touch Display, AMD Ryzen 5 4500U, 16GB RAM, 256GB Storage, AMD Radeon Graphics, Digital Pen Included, Win 10

Lenovo Flex 5 14 inches laptop is the first choice for a drawing platform. It feels weightless and super comfortable to carry around. You will get an excellent computing experience despite being a pretty cheap product. Besides, a powerful processor and graphics card further enhance the performance. The materials are very durable, with a great keyboard, other than convenient connectivity options. 

But the best part is the flexibility of the screen. You can easily make it turn about 360 degrees according to your preferences. This allows you to make the screen into a suitable drawing easel. You can also make the display flat by using things like paper. The high power and overall great features cause the laptop to provide you with all the necessary tools for creating great digital art. You can work for long hours continuously with any app or tool. 

Key Features

  • Display: This laptop has a 14 inches touch-screen display. The slim and compact size is suitable for portability. You will feel the touch option very smooth with both the fingers and digital pen. In addition, the brightness control is outstanding for a beautiful canvas.
  • Processor: An AMD Ryzen 5 4500U Processor is responsible for the robust performance of the laptop. In addition to the super CPU, this internal mechanism helps you make any form of digital art without lags.
  • Graphics Card: Like the powerful processor, the integrated AMD Radeon Graphics makes the images on the screen very sharp and clear. Both of them enhance your art performance. 
  • Battery: Apart from CPU specialties, you also need the laptop to last for a long time. This one can run for 10 hours with a full battery, which means about 5-6 hours on average, depending on the work. 
  • Storage: A 256GB SSD storage is undoubtedly large enough for your art tools, apps, and saving files. The larger the storage, the more convenient for different forms of work. 


  • Outstanding processor for faster performance
  • Clearer and sharp images
  • Flexible display and touch-sensitive
  • Lightweight, slim, and portable
  • Several connectivity options 


  • Not very good bright screen and rigid construction

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2. ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra Thin Laptop

ASUS Laptop L210 11.6” ultra thin, Intel Celeron N4020 Processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC storage, Windows 10 Home in S mode with One Year of Office 365 Personal, L210MA-DB01

ASUS Laptop L210 is one of the best laptop for drawing and great for travelers for its ultra-thin and lightweight design. All of the other features of this laptop are given to make the user productive. This means that this is a perfect device for regular digital art. The extremely long-lasting battery aids you in this work chiefly as you can remain unplugged for a long time. Such a battery is essential for portability and uninterrupted work.

You also get the latest processor, good storage, Windows 10, and an excellent graphics card. Windows 10 will allow more versatility by installing various software and other art tools. The display can turn 180 degrees like flat paper. You can easily get numerous apps for storage and RAM and keep lots of files saved. The functions of this laptop are also very simple to make any type of art you want. 

Key Features

  • Display: Here is another slim and bright display that is also flexible. Due to these features, you can easily set the display as you prefer and also get the appropriate light conditions with a smooth working place. 
  • Processor: The Intel Celeron N4020 Processor is quite efficient to make the laptop run smoothly and fast. This is necessary to do detailed work with access to different tools.
  • Graphics Card: An integrated graphics card only means that you will also get a clear and sharp display to coincide with the processor. So, your artwork will look more vibrant on the screen. 
  • Battery: ASUS products always have a strong battery to work for long hours. This laptop can run for 12 long hours recharged. This means you get more time to work here on average than most other devices. A type-C charger helps it to get fully charged fast.
  • Storage: On the other hand, the storage is only 64GB which is very small than most other laptops. However, you can still work out various art using this storage and RAM, but not keep many files. 


  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Excellent processor and graphics
  • Longer battery life for continuous work
  • Very fast and smooth screen
  • Windows 10 activated for convenience


  • Not enough storage for heavy software


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3. Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R14K Slim Laptop | 15.6' Full HD IPS | AMD Ryzen 3 3350U Quad-Core Mobile Processor | 4GB DDR4 | 128GB NVMe SSD | WiFi 6 | Backlit KB | Amazon Alexa | Windows 10 Home (S mode)

Acer Aspire Laptop here is a slim and convenient device with mid-range facilities. This works great for people who don’t need a high-profile laptop and only perform simple tasks. Yet, this laptop has a great battery, elegant design, and a good processor. The display is quite large and gorgeous for a clear screen with a thin border for more area. The processor and graphics are perfect for drawing purposes. 

You can also perform other regular tasks smoothly without disturbance. But this device won’t perform well for heavy-duty work. The RAM and storage are also enough for different drawing tools and app installation. Other features include Windows 10 installation, several connection options, and a backlit keyboard. All in all, we can state that this laptop on a budget is suitable for beginners with numerous drawing options.

Key Features

  • Display: As mentioned before, this laptop has quite a large screen of 15.6 inches. In addition, the screen has more ratio and narrow bezels. So, you will get a very clear display and a good size for a drawing. 
  • Processor: For a mid-range laptop, the AMD Ryzen 3 3350U Processor in Quad-Core is quite fast enough for any kind of drawing. It comes with 4GB RAM for smooth, regular functions. 
  • Graphics Card: An integrated AMD Radeon Vega 6 graphics can easily give you high-resolution images on the screen. This is quite well for art, or even videos and images. 
  • Battery: The battery life is also long enough like high-end laptops. Since the average life is 10 hours, you can easily use it for at least 5 hours with full brightness and apps running on the screen. 
  • Storage: A 128GB SSD may not sound sufficient for a laptop, but you can easily perform any kind of art using this storage. You can store your files and get any apps or tools on this laptop.


  • Large display with sharp images
  • Long battery life for continuous use
  • Good processor and graphics for regular tasks
  • Accurate and simple to use
  • Noise-canceling technology


  • Features not suitable for professional activities 

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4. Dell Inspiron 3583 15” Laptop

Dell Inspiron 3583 15” Laptop Intel Celeron – 128GB SSD – 4GB DDR4 – 1.6GHz - Intel UHD Graphics 610 - Windows 10 Home - Inspiron 15 3000 Series - New

Dell Inspiron Laptop is a high-quality product with a powerful processor and graphics. In addition, the RAM and internal storage enhance the software for fast and smooth operation. The display is large and brilliant with a high-resolution screen. Even though the border is thick, you still get enough area for your drawing. Besides, all these features allow you to experience outstanding performance on the laptop.

Windows 10 is installed in this laptop for various apps and tools to facilitate your drawing. You will love working on your art for the clear and sharp images and vivid colors. When you are painting on the screen, your art will come realistic and detailed as well. Due to the strong battery, your work will remain uninterrupted. The brightness is soothing to the eyes to work effectively. So, this product is surely on the best laptop for drawing list. 

Key Features

  • Display: As mentioned before, you get a 15.6-inch HD display in high resolution and anti-glare facilities. There is also a LED-backlit for proper light levels. All these offer you high-quality images with sharp colors. 
  • Processor: An Intel Celeron processor is quite powerful to run the whole CPU fast and smoothly. In addition to the strong RAM, your work will be efficient without any lags.
  • Graphics Card: The graphics card is also brilliant, similar to the processor. The Intel UHD Graphics 610 is responsible for the clarity and sharpness of the screen.
  • Battery: This laptop also has a strong battery that keeps everything working for a long time. You can have around 5 hours continuous work option with different apps running and full brightness. 
  • Storage: 128GB SSD is large, but not enough. This storage can allow numerous apps installations, but you might not get sufficient space to keep files. For this, you might need to get an external hard drive. 


  • Large, vibrant display and lightweight
  • Strong  processor for fast work
  • Windows 10 installed 
  • Anti-glare and wireless connectivities
  • High-resolution screen for clarity


  • No touch-sensitive options

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5. Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop

Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop, 14-Inch FHD Display, MediaTek MT8173C, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Chrome OS

When we are talking about laptops for drawing, then Lenovo Chromebook S330 is one of the top choices. It is filled with the latest features, including design. A very sleek and stylish outlook is made durable with high-quality materials. The internal mechanism is made strong with a strong processor and graphics for faster and more secure performance. You also get a stunning display with almost no edges. 

Including the internal features and proper brightness settings, this laptop is very convenient for working on any kind of art. Even though the storage is small, you still get to make a nice portfolio with different art tools. You will get an adequate canvas with the screen. A long-lasting battery backs up all these features. Despite the limitations, you are getting the whole package for a drawing laptop on a small budget. So it will be one of the best laptops for digital art in 2022.

Key Features

  • Display: Here, you get a 14-inch FHD display that is quite large for a drawing. The size is especially suitable for regular multimedia tasks, with sharp and clear images and a broader screen area. 
  • Processor: A MediaTek MTK8173C Processor is quite strong for powerful performance and fast software running. The memory and this processor allow multi-tasking on the device easily. 
  • Graphics Card: The graphics are made great with the integrated card. So, your images and art will come out very realistic and sharp with accurate details. 
  • Battery: As mentioned, the battery life is very long. It runs up to 10 hours so that you will get about 5 hours of run time depending on your work.
  • Storage: You will only get 64GB storage which won’t be enough for various apps and keeping files. So, you might need to get external memory. 


  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Long battery life
  • Large display with a clear screen
  • Different connectivity options
  • Fast and effective performance


  • No touch-screen option

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6. HP 15 Laptop

HP 15 Laptop, 11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7 Processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD Storage, 15.6” Full HD IPS Display, Windows 10 Home, HP Fast Charge, Lightweight Design (15-dy2021nr, 2020)

The HP 15 Laptop is an excellent product for productive and creative people. Firstly, the user gets a top-notch display of a multi-monitor setup and edgeless bezels. The display is large with a high-resolution screen and light control technology so that your eyes don’t feel discomfort for long use. In addition, the graphics and processors show impressive performance with the latest technology. To help you multitask, there are large hard drives and RAM for more storage. 

The best things you get here are the large screen with a narrow border and stunning colors. Performance becomes more efficient and versatile, including a Windows 10 operating system and intelligent software programs with multi-core. With all these specifications, you can try out digital art, animation, designs, illustrations, and lots more. All of these are backed up by a strong battery. A sturdy build and high technology make this laptop an excellent choice for art and similar creative and professional activities. 

Key Features

  • Display: The 15.6-inch display is outstanding with a slim and stylish design and narrow bezels. A high-resolution screen provides you with sharp and clear images for editing and attention to detail. 
  • Processor: Unlike most products here, this laptop is quite advanced with an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor of the 11th Generation. The software responds quickly to running multiple apps and the RAMt. 
  • Graphics Card: You also get top-notch Intel Iris Xe Graphics which aids in the colorful and crisp images. This graphics card is excellent for running different art software and editing photos or using photoshop.
  • Battery: Your laptop will run without trouble for about 7 hours and 15 minutes extra. When needed, you will get fast charging to regain the full life of the battery to work again. 
  • Storage: Similar to all the top-level features, you will get 256GB of storage for various functions and keeping files. You can use numerous apps and tools for digital art quite smoothly.


  • Large and outstanding display quality
  • Energy-efficient power source
  • Thin and lightweight for comfort
  • More storage option
  • Different connectivity ports


  • Not very durable materials

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7. HP Chromebook x360 14a 2-in-1 Laptop

HP Chromebook x360 14a 2-in-1 Laptop, Intel Pentium Silver N5000 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, 14' HD Display, Chrome OS with Webcam & Dual Mics, Work, Play, Long Battery Life (14a-ca0022nr, 2021)

HP Chromebook is a professional device that will change your art and bring the office home. Even with its impressive features,  it feels comfortable and quite simple to use. Everything is top-notch from the display to the processor, software, and other mechanisms. This large display is very convenient and brings you vivid colors and crisp images using high resolution and narrow bezels. 

After your work, safely keep your files stored because of the RAM and storage. Finally, function any kind of task effortlessly and smoothly with a long-lasting battery. The best part is, the laptop is convertible to make it a digital canvas. Although you will be using this laptop for drawing, it is well equipped with several excellent items to make it a high-profile laptop for all types of activities. 

Key Features

  • Display: Micro-edge and HD resolution display allows you to have sharp and clear images. In addition, the large 14-inch display has brightness control for the right amount of light needed. 
  • Processor: Your computer will work at lightning speed regardless of the number of tasks running at a time due to the Intel Pentium Silver N5000 (2) processor. This processor is the star item of this laptop.
  • Graphics Card: In addition to the processing power, your display is further improved with the Intel UHD Graphics 605 (3). So, you can make very realistic art with intricate details.
  • Battery: On average, the battery can perform for 12 hours. Depending on your usage, the charge will last for more than 5 hours, in full brightness and continuous work.
  • Storage: A 4GB RAM and 64GB storage isn’t the most ideal ones. Although it allows various functions, you may need external memory for better functions. 


  • Large and smooth display 
  • Crystal clear screen for high-quality images
  • The battery lasts a long time
  • Fast and effortless processing power
  • Multi-core for efficiency


  • The screen needs improvement

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8. HP Stream 14-inch Laptop

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, Windows 10 Home in S Mode With Office 365 Personal For 1 Year (14-cb186nr, Brilliant Black) (9MV74UA#ABA)

HP Stream Laptop is another powerful processing device with impressive functionality and quality performance. This laptop is specially designed for quick wireless functions and multimedia tasks. Due to the RAM and software quality, you will access numerous apps and tools necessary for your drawing. Even though the storage is relatively low, it has the option of additional storage to boost up functions.

Including the gorgeous display, the outer surface is also stylish and hardy but still portable. The internal mechanism is advanced to increase your productivity. So, as you get good light conditions and a clear screen, your art will come out very accurately. Continue your work along with a strong battery. This device, with all its features the best laptop for drawing and animation with fast actions. 

Key Features

  • Display: A 14-inch diagonal display is very efficient for a proper canvas. You also get a  LED-backlit option in the high-resolution screen and appropriate brightness—all these help to have the ambiance of art. 
  • Processor: Fast and smooth activity is caused by the Intel(R) Celeron(R) N4000 processor. It is in  Dual-Core and high frequency for further effects.
  • Graphics Card: The high resolution and sharp images come from an integrated graphics card. So, you can try different types of apps for art and similar tasks with the best results. 
  • Battery: Perhaps this laptop has the highest battery run time of about 14 hours. So, the average charge time with different apps running and work length is also higher than others. 
  • Storage: Even though the storage is only 64GB, the laptop allows 1TB OneDrive storage. So you can still install different apps and keep unlimited files stored here. 


  • Brilliant display with fast and smooth screen
  • Good graphics and processor for drawing
  • Very long battery life
  • Touch screen facilities 
  • Powerful wireless connectivities


  • May not allow some apps and software update

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9. ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop

ASUS VivoBook 15 Thin and Light Laptop, 15.6” FHD Display, Intel i3-1005G1 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Backlit Keyboard, Fingerprint, Windows 10 Home in S Mode, Slate Gray, F512JA-AS34

Here is another mid-range best laptop for drawing. Despite being a cheaper product, ASUS VivoBook 15 Laptop excels in all the features and functions. The best thing is the large display and the narrow bezels for more screens. You get gorgeous images and colors on the screen, suitable for drawing. The display is also bright enough for good light conditions. Even if the laptop has limitations in stronger functions, it works great for regular tasks like drawing. 

You can easily install various art tools and apps and have a flexible drawing experience. The screen is smooth and fast enough to make details. In addition, the RAM and storage are also good to get any tools and files. Apart from a few connectivity options, a type-C charger is powerful to charge up the device in no time. All these features make this laptop one of the best laptops for drawing. 

Key Features

  • Display: The laptop is thin but has a large 15.6 inch Full HD display with 4-way NanoEdge bezels. So, the screen is more for more art space. In addition, the images and colors are very clear and vivid. 
  • Processor: An IntelCore i3-1005G1 processor is quite powerful for various functions. Whether art or other tasks, all of the functions will be fast and smooth. Your artwork will be accurate and detailed. 
  • Graphics Card: You also get excellent Intel HD Graphics for sharp images. A good graphics card is necessary for any type of drawing and design. 
  • Battery: On average, this laptop will run with any apps and brightness for about 4 to 5 hours. When needed, use the charger for quickly regaining full charge. This charging system helps with portability. 
  • Storage: Here, a 128GB SSD is given, which is only sufficient to run different apps and files. But you might need to get extra storage for other heavier functions and keep files. 


  • Sturdy built and lightweight
  • Comfortable for long term use
  • Excellent processor and graphics card
  • Strong battery with fast charging
  • Gorgeous display with light keyboard


  • Low storage options

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10. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13″ Laptop

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13' Laptop, FHD Touch Display, Intel Core i3-10110U, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, Chrome OS

Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 is a powerful laptop for next-level digital art. It consists of an Intel 10th gen Core i3 processor, which speeds up all the functions. Besides, the battery also lasts long enough to easily use your device for hours. In addition, this device has a compact size with a gorgeous medium-size display. 

Perhaps the unique thing about this laptop is the flexibility to turn it around, thanks to its convertible design. This makes the laptop a convenient platform for art. Using the RAM and low border screen, this laptop becomes very comfortable to work on. It weighs almost nothing and has a stylish, slim design. Overall, this is one of the best laptops for drawing, with excellent specifications and materials. 

Key Features

  • Display: Here, you get an FHD display of 13 inches in size, thin and convertible. The display is beautiful, with crisp and colorful visuals and narrow bezels. You can also function on this laptop with the touch screen option.
  • Processor: As mentioned before, this device functions a 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10110U processor. So, the overall performance is very powerful and smooth. In addition to a good RAM, the device easily allows different types of functions. 
  • Graphics Card: Like many other laptops, Lenovo also has integrated graphics for the high-quality images on the screen. This feature is necessary for art to make extensive details clearly. 
  • Battery: Since the battery life is 10 hours, you will get an average run time of about 5 to 6 hours. So, you can easily work on your art for a long time without the device running out of charge. 
  • Storage: The only limitation so far is the 64GB storage of this laptop. For any laptop, 64GB is relatively low for storing files and allowing several types of apps. So, get a Chrome account to store everything there.


  • Super display quality with large screen
  • Durable materials for strength 
  • Comfortable, simple, and lightweight
  • Long battery life 
  • Several connectivities options


  • Low storage for art apps 

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Best Laptop for Drawing Buying Guide

best laptop for drawing

You will obviously look for the best laptop for drawing to get the best output. But first, check out some of the essential specifications of the laptop so that it will suit your needs. 


Undoubtedly, the CPU has to be strong to run the whole computer. However, the processor type also depends on the depth of your functions. You can use a dual-core processor for fast and smooth performance. 


For the best workspace, you will need an excellent display. The size will depend on your use and comfort. But the 14-inch display is quite standard with an HD resolution.


The RAM also needs to be exclusive for the storage of data and apps installation along with the processor. Usually, for drawing, an 8 up to 16GB RAM can work well for different installations and faster software. 


But the most important thing to run the laptop is the battery. It must have a life of around 10 to 12 hours run time to get more average hours while working. In addition, check for fast charging to bring it back to life. 


When you are looking for an eye-catching design, these features will grab your attention. Mostly, people see a touch-screen option, slim and lightweight features, attached light pen, convertible display, back-lit keyboard, and so on. Select one according to your preference.

Graphics Card

For any digital artist and designer, graphics are important to consider. A dedicated and integrated card will allow high performance. It will let you improve your art, edit photos and get clear images. 

How to Connect an iPad to a Laptop for Drawing?

While most iPads can work alone, some might need to connect to a computer to work as a drawing device. Nevertheless, you can easily connect your iPad to a laptop to enhance its functions. This connection will optimize drawing, designs, illustrations, and many others by installing different apps. Follow some quick steps to make the connection.

Step 1:

First, install the art apps on both the devices or only the laptop. You can use Easy Canvas, an excellent tool for all types of art. Before connecting, open the app on the laptop.

Step 2:

Now it’s time for the connection. You can try manually using the USB cable. Simply remove the cable from the adapter to plug it into the laptop’s USB port. Use connectivity settings to pair the devices.

Step 3:

If your device is wireless, then you can either use WiFi or Bluetooth. Turn on WiFi to sync one device with another. Use any app, like iTunes, to pair them. Click on “done” when they are connected. Otherwise, turn on Bluetooth, search for your laptop on your iPad, and pair them for the connection. 

Step 4:

Once the devices are correctly connected, open your desired app on your iPad. You can now use any app or run multiple ones according to your needs. 

For better connections, use Astropad. It can connect directly and allow you to use different apps for illustration, designs, drawings, etc.


Which laptop is the best for artists?

Any laptop with good specifications and extra display facilities works great for artists. People can easily decide on HP Spectre or Mac as the top choices. But Microsoft Surface Pro 7 stands out from all its competitors. It comes with a touch screen and high-quality display that is also detachable to become a digital canvas. Moreover, the graphics card and processors are also brilliant. 

What is a 2 in 1 design laptop? 

A 2 in 1 design means that a single device can become both types of devices. So, such a design laptop can also turn into a tablet. Usually, these laptops are thin in design and have a convertible or detachable option. But it will have all the laptop’s features, including a tablet interface.

What laptop should I get for art school?

For any students at school, the best choice of a laptop is lightweight, portable, simple, and budget-friendly. You can find many mid-range laptops with good specifications that perform well for regular tasks like art. These include Microsoft Surface Laptop, Asus Zenbook, or Microsoft Surface Book.

Is a laptop or tablet better for drawing?

Both the devices have some advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t name one as better than the other. While tablets are more portable and cheap, laptops have larger displays and better features for professional work. You can get convertible laptops to turn into a tablet. It depends on your preference for a drawing device, but a laptop is more recommended. 

Can you draw with a touchscreen laptop?

A touch option surely increases efficiency in various ways. You can easily draw on a touchscreen laptop if the laptop has a smooth screen and powerful processor to avoid any lags. Enable the touch option to draw with your fingers, but it is better to use a stylus for accuracy. 


Now that you have checked our list of the best laptop for drawing, it is time to get your one. Here we have a device for everyone’s budget and needs. You will be satisfied with the performance of these laptops. Moreover, they will help you to do wonders in digital art. Each of these laptops excels in their features and last a long time without any troubles. We hope our guidelines were helpful in your decision. 

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