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When someone is looking to buy a new 11×17 laser transparency film, they want all the information they can get on that product; this includes customer reviews. Luckily for them, we’ve done the heavy lifting. Below are the top 10 best 11×17 laser transparency film according to customer reviews and overall quality. Following is a list of the 10 best 11×17 laser transparency film reviews. This extensive list covers every aspect you might want when looking for such a product. You should be able to find the best 11×17 laser transparency film in no time from this list.

Our Favorite 10 Best 11×17 laser transparency film

Top 10 Best 11×17 laser transparency film Reviews You Can Trust On

We’ve researched for you. We’ve compiled an extensive list of the best 11×17 laser transparency film on the market today. Our list is based on customer reviews and our experiences with these products to provide you with the most comprehensive online list. You can rest assured that the products on our list are the best in their class.

We’ve done all of the legwork for you, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time trying out different models or brands. We know what makes a great 11×17 laser transparency film, and we’ve done our best to ensure that the list below includes only the best products. We’re confident you’ll find something on this list that will suit your needs perfectly. A few key factors have guided our research, including:

  • Overall quality
  • Design
  • Build
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Value for money
  • Reliability
  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • Warranty policy
  • Customer service, and more.
Bestseller No. 1
Uinkit 11x17 Laser Transparency Film OHP 50 Pack Acetate Sheets Clear Overhead Projector Laserjet Film for Color Laser Jet Printer and Copier A3 Menu Size 11 x 17 50 Pack Uinkit
  • Specifications: 11x17 inches 50 sheets per pack, double sided laser printing. 4 mil thick PET provides optimum performance and a fast professional looking presentations.
  • Laser Printer Compatible: Suitable for laser printers and copier. For best results print on transparency setting or low temp setting (60-90 Degrees F) on recommended printers.
  • Large Quantity Packaging for Extra Value: Bulk transparency film with 50 sheets for batch printing and additional value.
  • Wide Application: Use for laser color Printing and Copies, Screen Printing, Overhead Projector, DIY Crafts, Printing Plate, DIY Ornament, Fillable Ball Ornament Printing , Decoration, Insert, Clothing plate making Proofing, Presentation, Teaching tool, Positive PCB Image, Resin Coaster, Re-usable Sign for Display, Paper Crafting Project, Foil Images etc.
  • Excellent after-sales service: We are committed to customer satisfaction and the best quality products.
Bestseller No. 2
11x17 OHP Film - Overhead Projector Film for Color Laser Printer Copier, 100mic, 50sheets, Transparency, Double Side Coated, Pikapoka (P1117WS100OL)
  • Pikapoka 100mic OHP Sheets, Overhead Projector Transparency film for color laser printer and copier
  • Made of high quality and safe PET resin material. RoHs, Reach certification. 2 years warranty
  • Clear and 100% transparent Thickness:100mic Size: 11x17 inches(279x432mm) 50 sheets
  • Black and color image and text. Compatible with all standard laser printers. Marker pen writing supported
  • Suitable for overhead projector, teaching, crafts such as insert for floating decor and light stick
Bestseller No. 3
Glossy 11x17 Inkjet Transparency Film20 Sheets OHP Overhead Projector Screen Printing Color Copy For Inkjet Printer Clear Transparent Paper 20 Pack Uinkit
  • Size: 11x17 inches Inkjet printing transparency film 20 sheets a pack.
  • Suitable for standard inkjet printers. The side of film with white stripe paper is the back, and the other side with textured coating is the printing side.
  • Wide Application: Use for inkjet color Printing and Copies, Screen Printing, Overhead Projector, DIY Crafts, Printing Plate, DIY Ornament, Fillable Ball Ornament Printing , Decoration, Insert, Clothing plate making Proofing, Presentation, Teaching tool, Positive PCB Image, Resin Coaster, Re-usable Sign for Display, Paper Crafting Project, foil images etc.
  • High Quality Printing: Ttransparency film specially designed to produce brilliant colors and details.
  • Excellent after-sales service: we are committed to customer satisfaction and the best quality products.
Bestseller No. 4
RTL49 - 10 sheets of 11" x 17" - Translucent Backlit Film sheet / Backlight Film for all Inkjet printers & Laser Copiers, Specialized for LED Lightbox | LED Window Displays
  • Superb color expression with all Inkjet printers and Laser copiers.(Printer friendly Backlit film / Backlit paper)
  • The brightest, richest and most vivid image expression in LED Light Panel.
  • No curl and yellowish free under UV and heat resistant for Laser-jet printers
  • Rigid and flexible Polyester Backlit Film enabling to insert and replace the graphics easily and quickly for any types of LED Light panel systems.
  • Never need to re-print a display image and printer friendly. (Hassle free)
Bestseller No. 5
CISinks 50 Sheets 11" x 17" Coated Laser Double Sided Translucent PET Waterproof Film
  • Ideal for sophisticated graphics as it allows light to pass through and illuminate printed images. Great for ultrasound prints. Double sided film allows for more prints per sheet.
  • Special coating provides superior water, scratch, fade, and tear resistance great for making sample draft's to make sure layers properly align before screen printing.
  • Excellent light transmission properties used for Shadow boxes, Small media, Card Making, Art Galleries, Architecture plans, Menu's, or Scrapbooks, and Electronic Wire board Printing.
  • Films are designed specifically for Laser Toner based printers. Weighted 4 mil - 100 microns
  • Our laser film provides vivd color and percision in detail. PET material lasts significantly longer than paper and extends the life of your prints.
Bestseller No. 6
11"x17" Laser Printer's Transparency Film Paper 50 Sheets for Silk Screen Printing
  • Shipping from SF. CA US (Fast Shipping: Shipped to most parts of the United States in 2 to 4 days)
  • Great for ALL Laser Printer
  • Touch with wet fingers and print on the sticky surface, the ink will be quickly absorbed by the coating and dry
  • Printed films and PCB for plate making and publishing, advertising samples, projection and electronic equipment
  • Your One-Stop Supplier: Screen Printing Inkjet and Laser Film, Ink,Screen Tape,Dye-sub Transfer Paper,Heat Transfer Vinyl and Tape
Bestseller No. 8
Ohp Clear Printable Transparency Film 8.5 x 11 Inches for Overhead Projectors, for Inkjet Printers, 40 Sheets
  • 【Product】Package contains 40 sheets of US letter size 8.5 x 11 inches printable overhead projector transparent films.
  • 【Material】Premium quality transparencies of 4.7mil (0.12mm) thick, quick dry and easy to print. Great for brilliant colors and sharp details prints.
  • 【Compatible】Work with all Inkjet Printers and copiers, craft cutters and Cricut makers. Can be cut into any shapes with scissor and craft knife.
  • 【Usage】Ideal for overhead projectors, class teaching, presentation. Great for all art and craft projects such as silk screen printing, floating ornaments, home décor, scrapbooking decoration and etc.
  • 【Tip】These are single sided printing films! The side facing the packaging label is the printable side.
Bestseller No. 9
Sleek Space Transparency Film for Inkjet Printers | 100% Clear, Non-waterproof, Anti-curl | High Ink Density, Quick Dry Ink | For OHP, Presentations, Crafts, Labels, Stickers | 170g psm
123 Reviews
Sleek Space Transparency Film for Inkjet Printers | 100% Clear, Non-waterproof, Anti-curl | High Ink Density, Quick Dry Ink | For OHP, Presentations, Crafts, Labels, Stickers | 170g psm
  • 👀 100% CLEAR TRANSPARENCY, DELIVERS EYE-CATCHING RESULTS: Whether you need crisp and clear image reproductions or pinpoint text and graphics, these high quality transparency sheets bring your printouts to life. 100% clear transparency takes your presentations, meetings or crafts to a level you and your audiences will appreciate. Compatible with small and large format inkjet printers. Here’s a practical and effective printing solution for teachers, artists, presenters etc.
  • 🏷️ PRINTABLE SIDE PRIMED FOR EASY PRINTOUTS: Saves wasted printouts and guards against damage to your printer because you’ll always know how to correctly insert your film. With clear transparencies, it can be tricky to work out which side is up! That’s why you’ll find a special label and guide on the pack to help you get it right every time. Includes protective sheets between every two transparency films to assure you of premium printing quality for all your print runs.
  • ⏰ CLEAN AND CRISP PRINTOUTS. FAST DRY. NO SMEAR: Specially coated with a fast-drying formula for superior printouts. Ink dries in seconds, which makes these transparencies ideal for high volume printing and handy for individual sheets you need quickly. You’ll have smear-free transparencies ready for use immediately. Gives you fine line detail and crisp edges to all your print colors. Print details stay crisp for an amazingly long time when properly stored.
  • 🖨️ WIDE CHOICE OF SIZES/PACKS TO SUIT YOUR CREATIVE NEEDS: You have 18 varieties to choose from. Plenty of different sizes and packs to suit your print project and creativity! Compatible with most popular inkjet printers and copiers (eg Epson, HP, Canon). Suitable for water-based dye and pigment ink. Enhances your presentations, ornaments, school activities etc. Whatever you choose, the anti-curl properties in every sheet are here to make your life easy.
  • 🙌🏻 DEPENDABLE MANUFACTURE. ROCK SOLID QUALITY: Our printer film is manufactured to bring you quality printouts for clearer overhead projector transparencies and craft materials. High dimensional stability means your transparencies will keep their shape. We take your satisfaction seriously, which is why every pack is backed by our 30-day 100% No-Hassle Return. No questions asked!
Bestseller No. 10
10 Sheets* 11' x 17' Premium Waterproof Inkjet Film Milky Transparency for Screen Printing
1 Reviews
10 Sheets* 11" x 17" Premium Waterproof Inkjet Film Milky Transparency for Screen Printing
  • H-E (High-End) is Reliable and Long life; Factory made & Quality guaranteed!
  • Waterproof milky Inkjet Transparency Film Based on PET material, adopting latest nanoporous and aluminum ion technology
  • Widely used in silkscreen printing, lithographic printing, inkjet plate making, offset printing
  • Size:11" x 17" , 10 Sheets/pack
  • Ink Support: dye/pigment(water based)

Things to Consider Before Buying 11×17 laser transparency film

It can be intimidating if you’re a new customer and don’t know anything about the 11×17 laser transparency film. You cannot make a purchasing decision because there is so much information about the product on both the official and many review websites. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a buying guide before making a purchase. You can use a thorough guide to decide which is superior and which brands are the best.

This 11×17 laser transparency film buying guide will assist you in selecting the perfect 11×17 laser transparency film for your requirements, tastes, and price range. There are many things to consider before buying a product. The first thing is to know what you need and decide which product is the best for you.

  • Performance: The performance of your product is important because it will determine how good it will work. The performance should be high and reliable so that you can use it for many years.
  • Functionality: You will also have to consider the functionality of your product. It should be able to perform all the functions you need, such as reading, writing and printing, among others.
  • Quality: The quality of your product matters because it determines how long the device will last before breaking down or not working well anymore. A good quality device will be able to do its job efficiently without any problems for a long period.
  • Durability: The durability of your product will determine how long it will last. If you want the most value for your money, you should consider buying a durable device that will not break down easily.
  • User-Friendly: The product’s user-friendliness is important because it will determine how easily you can use it without any problems.

Let’s discuss in detail:


The first thing you may want to consider is the performance. When buying a 11×17 laser transparency film, it is very important to have good performance. The performance of a product will determine how well it will be able to perform its functions and how long it will last. The best way to ensure a 11×17 laser transparency film has good performance is by looking at its features and how well they work together as one unit. Another thing that can help determine whether or not a 11×17 laser transparency film has good performance is by looking at its reviews on websites such as Amazon, which can give you an idea of what other people think about it.


The next thing that you need to consider is functionality. This is very important because it tells you how useful the 11×17 laser transparency film will be for your needs. If it does not serve its purpose well and does not perform as advertised, then there is no point in buying it. Look for products that work very well and are easy to use to save time and effort instead of wasting time on something that doesn’t work well.


The most important thing is that the 11×17 laser transparency film fits your budget. You don’t want to spend too much money on something that doesn’t provide value for the price tag. You should be able to find a product within your budget and still get the value. There are so many options out there that you can find a good deal, especially if you research before buying 11×17 laser transparency film. Some products are overpriced, but you can find good deals on items that provide value for money.

Brand reputation

Before buying 11×17 laser transparency film, it is important to research the brand which you want to buy from. This will help you learn more about their reliability as a brand, especially when delivering quality products. It would be better if you could ask other people who have bought from this brand before if they are satisfied with their purchase or not. This way, you will know if they deliver what they promise or not.

Customer service

When buying any type of product online or offline, ensure that the seller offers excellent customer service so that if there are any issues with your purchase, they can help resolve them quickly. When shopping online, look for sellers who offer 24/7 customer support so that if something goes wrong with your order, they can help resolve these issues quickly and easily without any hassle.

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