Choose The Best 100 Popsicle Sticks Reviews 2022

Buying the best 100 popsicle sticks is pretty simple, but choosing the right one for you isn’t necessarily easy, especially when considering just how many options are out there. To help you out, we did all the research out there, considering the various types, quality, and features available. During the analysis of this product, we considered all the important factors. Keep reading to learn more about the research factors and our top 10 picks of 100 popsicle sticks so you can easily buy one.

10 Best 100 popsicle sticks to Buy This Year

Our team members have a strong background in the 100 popsicle sticks industry. We began this study by considering the most important aspects of an 100 popsicle sticks. To rate each product, our research regime puts each 100 popsicle sticks through multi-point performance analysis. We subjected each 100 popsicle sticks to over 10 individual metrics research to find the best 100 popsicle sticks out there.

Our research of 100 popsicle sticks covers these metrics:

  • Product Quality
  • The design
  • Materials used to build
  • The price of 100 popsicle sticks
  • Strength and durability
  • Characteristics of the product
  • Products value for money
  • Products versatility
  • Is it user-friendly?
  • Products functionality
  • User Feedback
  • Size and weight
  • Warranty policy, and many more.

The most important metric for 100 popsicle sticks is product quality. We believe this is the most important thing to get the best 100 popsicle sticks, so we give it a higher weighting than other test metrics. In addition to the experience of our researchers and user feedback, we also utilize information from our extensive product research to compare each 100 popsicle sticks performance.

1. [100 Count] Jumbo 6 Inch Wooden Multi-Purpose Popsicle Sticks ,Craft, ICES, Ice Cream, Wax, Waxing, Tongue Depressor Wood Sticks

Features :

  • Multiple usage- these 6” large popsicle sticks,are here to make tasks easier and hassle-free. Can be used for crafts, projects ices, ice creams, desserts, hair removal and as an applicator for most substances.
  • Food grade safe- can be used for ices, ice creams, cakesicles and desserts. Spend your afternoons creating memories with your family and friends with these ice cream sticks. Just pop ‘em in and enjoy!
  • Educational and fun tool for kids- creative utensil to learn new things, and have fun with. These wooden sticks for crafting can be used for arithmetic, school crafts, home projects and decorating. Goodbye, boring. Hello, fun!
  • Safe, sturdy, sustainable- wooden popcical stix for perfect experience. Kid-friendly stir sticks with rounded edges and splinterless wood so there are no boo boos. These are no-break sticks, so no mishaps, and eco-friendly to help you do your part.
  • Flat, wide ends for smooth hair removal- large waxing sticks for neat waxings. Ideal for wax removal on small and large surfaces, these wooden sticks for waxing are designed and used by professionals.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.1
Width 0.7
Length 6

2. 100 Piece Large Jumbo Wooden Craft Sticks (6″ x 3/4″), Premium Natural Organic Wood for Waxing, Craft Project, Tongue Depressor, Popsicle, Ice Cream Stick ,Woodcraft, Paint Stirrer and Art – Apremont

Features :

  • ✅ GREAT MATERIAL: Our jumbo craft sticks are high quality, made with natural organic wood which are made from birch wood which suits for wax application, craft project for kids, ice cream sticks, bamboo sticks or wooden stir sticks, They are smooth, straight and suitable for food uses such as coffee or tea stirrer or even as a tongue depressors and can be kept in a jar.
  • ✅ WIDE USES : Suitable for multiple uses like waxing, dessert making, DIY classroom projects, building projects, party crafts, birthday, wedding, art, party, ice cream making tool and home decoration. You may also use it for medical tongue depressors, wooden dowels for crafts, stirring sticks to mixed drinks and waxing sticks for hard wax, silicone stir sticks for epoxy, resin stir sticks, paint stirrer or small wax sticks.
  • ✅ CREATIVE DESIGNS AND IDEAS : Perfect for group activities with children, classroom use, camping, art and craft lessons and Christmas decor. Showcase your art flair by building a house, sticks for crafting or even a big bookmarks. You can use it as a garden green plant labels (glue) or sticker to mark each of your seedling pots or cups. You can use it as a paint mixing sticks, , hair paint wax, glue for slime, candle pouring pot, epoxy stir sticks, plant food sticks or cake dowels.
  • ✅ USING TIPS FOR MAKING OF STICK ICE CREAM: This large popsicles sticks are easy to use. Soak in warm water an hour or more before inserting into freezer pop liquid. With just a simple gesture, perfect production of ice cream, while eliminating the zest. You may simply add fruits in the ice cream making mould before freezing it.
  • ✅ BULK PACKAGE : Includes pack of 100 jumbo craft sticks in a plastic bag, each measuring 6 inch length, 0.75 inch width sizes, The rounded edges angled makes the long flat craft sticks kit safe for kid,

3. 6” 100 Pcs Colored Jumbo Wooden Craft Sticks Wooden Popsicle Colored Craft Sticks Stick 3/4”Wide Treat Sticks Ice Pop Sticks for DIY Crafts,Home Art Projects, Classroom Art Supplies

Features :

  • Standard Sizes: 100 Colored Jumbo Wooden Craft Sticks, The craft sticks measure 6-inch x 3/4 inch
  • 6 Different Colors: Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange
  • Multifunctional Craft Sticks: Wooden craft sticks can be used in many ways such as craft supplies, candle kit, sample bags, making a wooden box, toy box, and wood house. Adults could use this for a waxing applicator as well
  • Applicable Activities: Perfect for all your STEM educational activities. Design your own math craft stick manipulative. Teachers, parents, and kids will love using their own customize craft sticks to count, add, and subtract. Great for art projects, home decoration, party decorations, classroom activities, building projects
  • Special Material: Colorful wooden sticks made of high quality natural wood,smooth and straight,the smooth round edges and the flat surface makes it easy to decorate,build,and create while keeping it safe for children

Additional Info :

Color Yellow, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Orange

4. Apremont 100 Pieces Assorted Jumbo Colored Wooden 6 Inches Long Craft Sticks, Rainbow Popsicle Stick, Arts and Crafts, Best for DIY Games Making, Building Designs or Kids Education

Features :

  • ✅ GREAT MATERIAL: Our vibrant jumbo colored craft sticks are of high quality, made with natural organic birch wood that can be use for art and craft, decoration or model making. They are of premium quality, smooth and straight. Do not dip it in water as the color is water-soluble. Although the coloring is non toxic, we still do not recommend for ice cream making or etc.
  • ✅ CREATIVE DESIGNS AND IDEAS : Perfect for big group activities, classroom use, camping and scout activities, art and crafting lessons, birthday party, wedding fans or christmas decor. Showcase your art flair by building a colored house, bookmarks, library shelf markers. You can use it as a garden green plant markers.
  • ✅ WIDE USES : Suitable use for DIY Kits for classroom projects, building projects, party crafts, birthday art party, wax stir and home decoration. You may also use it for wood sticks for crafts, wooden dowels for crafts, craft popsicles sticks, resin stir sticks, paint stirrers or small wax sticks.
  • ✅ BENIFITS : Colorful Jumbo Wood Craft Sticks are a great to let the children to enrich their brain and develop their creativity. It’s an awesome way to spend family time too !!
  • ✅ PACKAGE : Includes 100 Jumbo color sticks (Pack in bulk) in a big popcicles bags, each measuring 6″ length, 2 mm thick, 18 mm width, The rounded edges makes the craft sticks kit safe for kids or infant,

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.06
Width 0.7
Length 6

5. Sargent Art Economy Craft Sticks, Wood 100 Piece, Perfect Wooden Craft Sticks

Features :

  • Safe for Use: Non-toxic and safe for use in craft projects.
  • Natural Wood: Is made of natural wood ideal for different arts and craft projects
  • Multi-purpose: Can be used for all purposes – at home for hobbies and in school for schoolwork.
  • Perfect for Gifts: Can be used as a gift for children about to resume school or return to school.
  • Versatile: Can subsititute for stir sticks, painting accessories, or brushes.

Additional Info :

Color Wood

6. Mr. Pen- Craft Sticks, Jumbo Popsicle Sticks, 100 Pack, 5.75 inch, Large Popsicle Sticks, Large Craft Sticks, Large Waxing Sticks, Wood Sticks for Waxing, Jumbo Popsicle Sticks for Crafts

Features :

  • Pack Of 100 Crafts Stick Which Are Made From High-Quality Natural Wood.
  • Package Size: Includes 100 Sticks, Each Measuring 6 Inch Length, 0.75 Inch Width.
  • All Sticks Are Uniform In Size And Are Straight, Smooth, And Nicely Finished.
  • Ideal for Dessert Making, Classroom Projects, Building Projects, Party Crafts, Birthday Art Party, And Home Decoration, Creative Designs, Great To Use For Stirring And Perfect For Teachers And Students.

7. Zeenom 100 Pieces Craft Sticks – 6 Inch Multipurpose Natural Wood for Ice Cream and Popsicle Making, Mixing, DIY Arts & Crafts Supplies, Plant Labels, Hair Removal and Waxing

Features :

  • Learning and Fun Tool: These premium quality jumbo craft sticks are a great tool for kids to have fun and be creative. They can learn to count, add or subtract, decorate picture frames, boxes, create DIY toys, and more
  • Enough & Easy to Grip: Pack of 100 wood sticks, 6″ x 3/4″ inch – 150x18x1.6mm are enough supplies for home or commercial use. Wide Large popsicle sticks are easy to hold and use
  • Smooth & Soft but Sturdy Material: These wooden sticks are made from High Quality natural birch wood. These sticks are straight with smooth round edges without any splinters
  • Multiple Uses: These Large Craft sticks can be used for building, spreading paste, mixing and creating craft projects at home or school. You can also use these sticks as Plant Labels
  • Hair Removal Applicator: Large wood wax applicator sticks can be used as spatula to remove unwanted hairs from legs, bikini, nose, hands and feet

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.06
Width 0.71
Length 6

8. Styllofy [Pack of 200] Popsicle Sticks for Crafts | 100 (4.5 inch) + 100 (6 inch) Jumbo Popsicle Sticks for DIY Crafts, Waxing , Ice Cream, Building Models, Home and Classroom Projects and Home Crafts

Features :

  • ✔ High Quality Material: Made of premium quality Birch wood. Safe, straight, smooth surface & round edged, no burrs. Will not easily split and can be painted or tinted to work on any project.
  • ✔ Food Grade Product: Our popsicle sticks are safe for ices, ice creams, cakesicles, and desserts. With these ice cream sticks, spend your afternoons making memories with your family and friends!
  • ✔ Multi-Purpose: Great for use in DIY Crafts, classroom projects, party crafts, birthday art party, and home decoration. Great to use as wax sticks for hair removal, and more.
  • ✔ Wide ends for smooth hair removal: Large waxing sticks for neat waxing. Ideal for wax removal on small and large surfaces, these wooden sticks for waxing are designed and used by professionals.
  • ✔ Package Includes: It contains 200 Pcs in 2 sizes. 100 are 4.5 inch and 100 are of 6-inch jumbo size. A complete package for your craft sticks. The rounded edges make the craft sticks safe for kids.

Additional Info :

Color Natural
Item Dimensions
Height 1.574803148
Width 0.787401574
Length 6

9. Eco Craft Stix 4.5″ Colored Wooden Craft Sticks – Pack of 100ct

Features :

  • Great for group activities, rainy day projects, classroom use, camp and scout crafts, birthday parties and more
  • 4. 5″ x 3/8″ multi colored craft sticks
  • Perfect for at home or school projects
  • Each boxes comes with 100 sticks
  • Fun and vibrant bright colors

Additional Info :

Color 4.5″ Colored Sticks

10. Fedmax Jumbo Craft Sticks – Bulk 200 Count Wooden, Wavy, 8-inch Large Popsicle Sticks for Crafts, Wedding Programs, Bidding Paddles & Mixing Paint

Features :

  • MULTIPURPOSE – Great for crafts and decorating, each large popsicle stick can also work as a plant marker, paint mixer, auction bidding paddle, or even wedding fan handle.
  • JUMBO – Wood you look at that! These large popsicle sticks are 8″ long by 1″ wide to handle all your DIY projects for the home, garden, classroom, wedding programs, and more.
  • SMOOTH – This box of wooden sticks for crafts and auction paddles feature smooth surfaces and edges all around. Pesky popsicle stick splinters will be going, going, gone.
  • DURABLE – Our jumbo popsicle sticks are made with 100% white birch wood and crafted using high-quality machinery. It’s the perfect set of crafting materials that you can always count on!
  • SATISFACTION – Reach out if you ever have questions or concerns about these large craft sticks. The Fedmax team will be happy to help make things right for your next arti-stick venture.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 3
Length 12
Weight 1

Things to Look Before Buying 100 popsicle sticks

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing 100 popsicle sticks. First, you need to buy only what is beneficial for you. Second, the product quality should be more than satisfactory. Third, the price should be affordable. There are so many options available on the market, each of which has different features. Some are made from high-quality materials, while some are just not good enough to be used for a long time. It is very important to get the best one for your needs.

The following will help you know what to look for when buying 100 popsicle sticks:

  • Quality of the product: Check the material used for making it. The material should be strong and durable enough to last long.
  • How much will it last: Once you have bought something, it might not be easy to replace it with a new one when something goes wrong with the old one. So, ensure the product is durable enough to last longer than expected.
  • Its brand reputation: It’s important to consider buying from a reputed brand, as they usually offer better quality products at reasonable prices than other brands.
  • User’s review: Read user reviews before buying any product online. This will help you decide whether or not it’s worth your money and time.

Here are a few more considerations that you need to know:


The design of your 100 popsicle sticks is also important because it helps make it easy to work with and looks attractive and appealing to the eye.  It should be attractive and eye-catching. If it is not attractive, then there is no use in buying that thing. You need to look at every minute detail while checking it out. If you get a design that does not match your taste or preference, it can ruin the overall needs rather than what you want it to be. It is therefore important that when looking for designs for your new 100 popsicle sticks, choose one that matches your taste and your needs so that they complement each other well instead of clashing with each other or, even worse, ruin your needs completely!

What features do you need?

The product’s features are the second thing you must consider when buying 100 popsicle sticks. This can be tricky because many different types of products with different features are available in the market today. Therefore, if you want something specific in your product, make sure it has those features before making any purchase. If possible, try out each product before buying one so that you can see whether or not it meets all your requirements or not!


When buying 100 popsicle sticks, quality is extremely important. You want something that will last and not break after using it a few times. It won’t be worth your money and time if you buy something that breaks easily or doesn’t work well. So, research what brands have good products with high-quality materials that can handle heavy use without breaking down easily.

Price of the product

The fourth thing to consider when buying 100 popsicle sticks is its price. Of course, you must be careful because buying something too expensive can be hard on your budget. However, if it’s too cheap, there might be something wrong with it, or they could sell fake products. Be sure to look up prices before making any purchases to ensure it’s within your budget!

Your budget

You need to know how much money you want to spend on 100 popsicle sticks before going out and shopping for it. This is because different prices mean that different options are available to you. You can only get what you can afford, so set a realistic budget and stick with it. If your budget is high enough, go ahead and buy the most expensive option available, but if not, try to find one that will fit your budget constraints while still performing well enough for your needs.


The durability of the 100 popsicle sticks can be affected by the materials used to make it and how well it is constructed. If you want your 100 popsicle sticks to last for a long time, then make sure it is built using good quality materials. The material should also withstand wear and tear, so it doesn’t break easily.


Next up is brand reputation. Some brands have been around for many years and have proven trustworthy, reliable, and consistent in their manufacturing processes over time. Suppose you buy 100 popsicle sticks from a popular brand. In that case, chances are you will get good service if there’s ever an issue with your purchase because they know how important their reputation is among consumers looking for quality products at affordable prices. They want to keep it that way!

Check for warranties and guarantees

When you buy 100 popsicle sticks, you should check for any warranties or guarantees that come with the item. Some companies provide warranties for their products, while others give customers refunds if they’re not satisfied with their purchase within 30 days. This way, if you buy a defective product or there’s an issue with it after using it for some time, there are ways to get something done without spending more money on something else.

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