List Of 10 Modern Best 100/100×18 Dirt Bike Tire For The Money

The best 100/100×18 dirt bike tire selection can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or what to consider. When you got home and looked at the product, you might wonder how you decided to purchase it worldwide, even though it looked great and was a great deal. However, you might want the best 100/100×18 dirt bike tire; that’s why you’re on this page, right? Don’t worry. We’ve researched the dozens of 100/100×18 dirt bike tire available in the market. And we’ve gathered information on these products and narrowed down the list of the top 10 best 100/100×18 dirt bike tire on the market today.

To help you find the best, we placed 10 of the top 100/100×18 dirt bike tire by researching them—on design, quality, durability, effectiveness, and value. Then, we combined our researcher’s notes with our writers’ and editors’ research to bring you this list.

10 Best 100/100×18 dirt bike tire to Buy on Amazon

To recommend the best possible 100/100×18 dirt bike tire for your needs, we researched all of these products for an exhaustive side-by-side comparison. We spent several hours selecting the best possible 100/100×18 dirt bike tire. We looked at the product description and other information to help you save the time you spend researching. The followings are the considerations before we select a 100/100×18 dirt bike tire:

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Design
  • Materials
  • Features
  • Specification
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Performance
  • Construction
  • Price
  • Brand
  • User Reviews
  • Ease of Use
  • Availability
  • Warranty Policy
  • Return Policy

1. WIG Racing 110/100-18 and 80/100-21 Motocross Dirt Bike Tires With Inner Tubes

Features :

  • Comes with 110/100-18 rear, 80/100-21 front, 4.10×18 inner-tube and 2.75×21 inner-tube
  • Durable intermediate rubber compound
  • Off-Road use ONLY- Excellent grip on all surfaces
  • MAX RIM size 2.5″ – Fits RIM sizes 18×2″ through 18×2.5″
  • Excellent tread spacing works extremely well in mud and loose dirt/sand

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 9
Width 26
Length 26
Weight 29

2. Tusk EMEX T-35® Soft/Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Front and Rear Tire Set (80/100×21 & 110/100×18)

Features :

  • 1 front tire & 1 rear tire set.
  • Soft/Intermediate terrain motocross and off-road racing tire.
  • Strategically designed to provide great traction in soft terrain but also transitions well to harder surfaces
  • Reinforced side knobs for control-flex characteristics.
  • Large contact patch for maximum traction and stability.
  • Tube type tire.

Additional Info :

3. Pirelli Scorpion MX Extra X Rear Tire (100/100-18)

Features :

  • Optimal choice for professional training and amateur to semi-pro racers who ride all types of terrain and demand performance lap after lap especially under “race simulation.”Grip and traction on a wide range of terrain (from mid soft to mid hard).Perfect
  • Surface area and compound’s carbon black structure for balance between stiffness, reliability and lasting performance.Note: All NHS (Not for Highway Service) motorcycle tires are only for pure racing and cannot be used on public roads.
  • Therefore, there is no official homologation.

Additional Info :

Color [None]
Item Dimensions
Height 21.93700785164
Width 3.93700787
Length 21.93700785164
Weight 12.04164875044

4. Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Extra X Dirt Bike Front and Rear Motocross Tires Set with Keychain (80/100-21 F 110/90-19 R)

Features :

  • Comes with Pirelli Scorpion Keychain!
  • Broad range tire that can handle mid-soft to mid-hard terrains.
  • V-shaped blocks improve braking capabilities.
  • Rugged construction can handle abuse on the track and roll with the punches.
  • Choose from tires only or tires and tubes combo above!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 8.5
Width 27
Length 27
Weight 20.5

5. WIG Racing 110/100-18 Off Road Dirt Bike Motocross Tire

Features :

  • This is a mid-hard rear tire for ultra durability outlasting many brand name tires at a much lower price point. It’s spaced to work excellent in loose and soft terrain trails and doesn’t chunk tear or wear easily.
  • Features a stiffer sidewall to prevent pinch flats when riding aggressive terrain.
  • Excellent tread spacing works extremely well in mud and loose dirt/sand without getting clogged up for better traction.
  • Excellent traction on all surfaces
  • Off-Road use ONLY

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 26
Length 26

6. Pirelli MT 16 Garacross 110/100-18 64 Bias NHS Rear Motorcycle Tire

Features :

  • MT 16 Garacross Motorcycle tires are all-rounders with great durability.
  • These tires sport aggressive tread knobs that give it a high level of grip, even when worn.
  • Garacross tires are great for weekend and competition riders due to their long life.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 29
Length 29
Weight 11.01

7. Arvano Bike Backpack Small Mountain Biking Daypack Cycling Hiking Bicycle Skiing Mtb Pack 6l

Features :

  • Compact Bike Backpack: Measures 18″ (45 cm) x 8.6″ (21.8 cm) x 2″ (5 cm). Weighs 1.1 lb. Two-way zipper. Hydration System, fits a maximum 2.0L/70 oz hydration bladder. NOTE: water reservoir is NOT INCLUDED.
  • Comfortable fit: A slim cycling backpack. It’s thin and lightweight making it easy to carry. Adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps to ensure a stable for the perfect fit, so the pack will not bounce while mountain biking.
  • Design for Riding: Ergonomic design for maximum agility and comfort. The padded back and shoulder straps will keep your back dry. Reflective strips improve visibility when riding at night. This bag designed specifically for road bike/ mtb/ other outdoor activities.
  • Headphone Line Output: On the front there is a small compartment with a zipper, which offers space for a cell phone. The output hole used for headphone line.
  • Must Equipment for Outdoor Sports: Bicycle riding, snowboarding, skiing, day hiking, music festival etc. Perfect gift for men, women and teens.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 6.97637794564
Width 0.5905511805
Length 3.25590550849
Weight 1

8. Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire – 100/100-18 59C

Features :

  • Tall aggressive knobs designed for varying terrain
  • DOT approved (90%/10% dirt/road application)
  • Durable compound for extended tread life
  • Classic design at affordable price
  • Tube type

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 25.9
Length 25.9
Weight 10.6

9. PIVOTRAX 110/100-18 (4.50 X 18) Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube – 3mm Thick – TR4

Features :

  • ✅ 3MM Thickness Heavy-Duty Tubes
  • ✅ Puncture and pinch resistant
  • ✅ Designed specifically for motocross and off-road use
  • ✅ Seamless construction
  • ✅ Featured a TR4 valve stem for easy installation and a heavy duty construction for off-road riding. These tubes are specifically designed for motocross and off-road use so make sure your bike has some extra protection out there in the world.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 9.1
Length 4.8

10. IRC Tube 110/100-18 Heavy Duty

Features :

  • Impressive joint and valve strength; for Valve Stem Types see above
  • Two to three times thicker than standard tubes, IRC heavy-duty tubes are incredibly durable, abrasion-resistant and feature great impact-absorption

Additional Info :

Color black
Item Dimensions
Height 14
Width 8
Length 3

Buying Guide: 100/100×18 dirt bike tire

The following are some of the features that you should look for when buying a 100/100×18 dirt bike tire:

Value for money – This is the most important factor that should guide your purchasing decision. If the product costs more than its competitors, it might not be worth it. The value of a product can be determined by comparing its price with its quality, performance and durability.

Durability – Durability determines how long a product will last before it wears out or breaks down. It also determines whether or not you have spent your money on something that will be useful for years to come or just months or weeks. A durable product provides value for money as you won’t have to replace it after a short time, as most low-quality products do.

Quality – Quality is another important feature when buying 100/100×18 dirt bike tire because it determines whether or not the product performs well and lasts long enough to make your purchase worthwhile in the long run or not? Two main factors determine quality: Performance and build quality (how well made the product is).

Like most people, you probably don’t think about the products you buy very often. But when it comes to making a major purchase or buying something that will be important to your everyday life, it’s important to do your research.

Here are some things to consider before buying a product:


The price tag is the first to look at when shopping for 100/100×18 dirt bike tire. If it’s too expensive, there may be an alternative that fits better within your budget. However, if there’s no other alternative on the market, you might have no choice but to spend more on this item.


When considering the functionality of 100/100×18 dirt bike tire, think about what type of work or tasks it will be used for most frequently and how much time you’ll spend using it each day (or week). This will help you determine if this is the best 100/100×18 dirt bike tire for your needs or if there’s something else out there that might suit your needs better — even if you have to spend more money on it.


There’s no point in spending money on something that won’t last or perform well for its intended purpose. For example, if you plan to use an item every day for years, it should be made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand repeated use without breaking down or wearing out quickly. If the quality isn’t there, you’re wasting money on something that will soon become useless or broken down beyond repair.

Checking reviews

One of the best ways to determine if a particular 100/100×18 dirt bike tire is worth buying is by checking out what others say about it. A good place to start looking at reviews is on Amazon; this website has thousands of reviews written by people who have bought and used these products. The best way to use this website is to look at the average star rating that each model has received from previous customers; this indicates how well it performs when compared with its competitors. You should also read through all the customer comments under each review; these will give you more details about what people liked or disliked about their particular model.


When choosing a 100/100×18 dirt bike tire, always consider how well it works. If it does not work as expected, then there is no point in purchasing it. It is important that you get a high-quality product that works effectively and efficiently so that you do not have any problems using it or having issues with its performance.

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