Top 10 Best 10 Inch Square Plant Saucer Reviews & Ranking

With so many different 10 inch square plant saucer on the market, it can be difficult to know what to buy. You may be looking for a specific product type, or you may want just to look around and find something that interests you. If you want to increase your chances of finding a product that suits your needs, there are some things that you should consider before buying.

To help you find the best 10 inch square plant saucer for your next shopping plan, we have researched and analyzed a variety of 10 inch square plant saucer. To prevent any fault, we preferred items made from durable components that would last a long time and be reliable. Below is a list of the top 10 best 10 inch square plant saucer products to help you out with the difficult process of choosing one.

Top 10 Best 10 inch square plant saucer Reviews- 2022

We scoured the internet for the top-rated 10 inch square plant saucer and sorted through other reviews to narrow our selection. We analyzed each 10 inch square plant saucer with the needs of different uses. These needs were broken down into five measurable metrics that resulted in the final rating 10 inch square plant saucer. These metrics were:

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Style
  • Price
  • Versatility
  • User-friendliness
  • Size and weight
  • Performance
  • Return and warranty policy
  • Customer service

1. GREGICH Square Plant Saucer 6 8 10 Inch Plant Pot Saucers Pack of 9, Thick Plastic Planter Flower Pot Saucers for Plants Drip Trays, Planter Trays and Saucers Base Trays for Indoors Outdoors

Features :

  • 【SUPER VALUE】- Packages includes 9 packs multi size square plastic plant saucers to meet your different needs (3 x 6 inches + 3 x 8 inches + 3 x 10 inches) , 6.5″ width at top and 5.6″ width at bottom for 6 inches pot saucers, 8.3″ width at top and 7.2″ width at bottom for 8 inches pot saucers, 9.8″ width at top and 8.6″ width at bottom for 10 inches pot saucers.
  • 【THICKENED & STURDY】-Our plastic trays are specially made of premium PP Plastic material, solid, heavy duty, durable, sunlight-resistant and fall-resistant, thicker and stronger than others, without broken for supporting load up to 44lbs/20kg.
  • 【KEEP CLEAN AND TIDY】 – Never trouble about water and soil spillage or damage of your furniture surfaces again! Our plant trays will catch excess water and soil with their waterproof design, and offer an isolation between pots and furniture surface.
  • 【IDEAL SUPPORT】- Sturdy plant saucers provide perfect support for your potted plants, and help plants to be moved more easily when a plant needs to be moved for any reasons such as insufficient sunlight. These trays are applicable for both indoor and outdoor plants.
  • 【GREAT PLANT DRAINAGE】- Don’t worry about over or under watering for plants. These plant drip trays help catch water from the plant pot drainage hole and ensure your favorite flowers and plants in an ideal drainage condition.

2. CWP SQDS-1000 Heavy Gauge Footed Square Carpet Saver Saucer, 10-Inch by 10-Inch, Clear (Packaging may vary)

Features :

  • Sqds-1000 10″ X 10″ Square Heavy Gauge Clear Plastic Footed Carpet Saver Saucer With An Airflow Bottom Design That Does Not Trap Moisture, Dirt, Etc; Under The Saucer; Made In Usa
  • A Clear Heavy Gauge Square Designer Saucer Which Prevents Water Overflow
  • No Assembly Required
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • For 8-inch or smaller diameter pots

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 1
Weight 0.15

3. BOKMAAI 10 Pcs 8-10 Inch Square Plant Pot Saucer, Plastic Plant Pot Tray, Dark Brown Flower Plant Pot Drip Tray Saucer for Outdoor and Indoor Plants

Features :

  • 【THICKER AND MORE DURABLE】Made of durable PP plastic material, the plant saucer tray is strong and sturdy, not easy to break or deform. Designed with reinforced ribs and non-slip matte textures, they are beautiful, practical, and can easily match your pots.
  • 【UPGRADE DESIGN】Compared with ordinary plant trays, our square plant saucer has the advantage that the four corners are designed with small protruding pieces, which can make the plant pots more stable on it without shaking or sliding.
  • 【IDEAL UNIVERSAL SIZE】A total of 10 square drip tray for plants are included, which are regular squares, each measuring 10 inches at the top, 8.7 inches at the bottom, and 1.4 inches in height. They are very light and flexible to use.
  • 【FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR】10 inch plant saucer drip trays are widely used in various indoor and outdoor plants. They not only help collect plant drainage or sludge, keep the ground dry and clean, but also can be used as home garden decoration. Their classic dark coffee color looks classic and elegant.
  • 【MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE】Please let us know if you have any questions about our square plastic plant saucer. Our customers’ satisfaction is key. We offer our customers a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure the best quality and service. You can request a refund if you’re not happy with our products.

4. Riefie 5 Pack of 10 Inch Plastic Saucer, Square Clear Drip Trays for Indoors & Outdoor Plants, Durable Thick Saucer for Flower Pot (10”)

Features :

  • 【Package】- 5 pack of 10 inch, clear, square, plant saucers ,each is 10″ at the top and 8.7″ at the bottom,Height 1.73”.
  • 【Material】- Made of 100% recyclable PET plastic. Thick and strong. Durable enough to hold heavy pots.
  • 【Protection】- Catches water overflow from plant pots and keeps your furniture and stains free. Protect your house from scratching by plant pots.
  • 【Satisfaction】- Can be used indoor or outdoor, garden or patio, while not to worry about under and over watering plants all year round.
  • 【Careful】Please note that the top and bottom dimensions of the flower pot saucer are different; so please read the size on the second picture carefully to ensure that our pot trays meet your needs.

Additional Info :

5. OAKBAY 5 Pieces of 10 Inch Square Clear Thick Plastic Plant Saucer Drip Tray for Pots(Top Width 10”)

Features :

  • These square plant saucers made from 100% Recyclable PET plastic
  • These plant saucers made with high-quality standard and Safe materials.
  • Protect your home from water damage and scratching by plant pots
  • Place indoors, on your window shelf, or outdoors.
  • Top size: 10” by 10”, bottom size: 8.7” by 8.7”, height: 1.73”

Additional Info :

6. Squared Plant Saucer 10 inch (top Width) 5 Pack Square Plastic Resin PP Tray Large/Small Water Receiving Tray Flower Pot Bottom Seat Flower Pot Tray Thickened Resin (24cm, Green)

Features :

  • Excellent Material: It is made of high-quality resin PP material, and the exquisite manufacturing technology makes the saucer more durable, can adapt to various harsh weather,hot summer or cold winter, not easy to damage, has a long service life not easily be corroded.
  • Deepened design: The deepened saucer can store more water for the soil to absorb water, provide the water needed by the plants, and prevent water and soil from staining the table or floor.
  • Bottom pattern design: The pattern design on the inside of the saucer is not only good-looking, but also increases the friction between the saucer and the potted plant, making the pot not easy to slide. The design on the outside of the plate increases the friction between the saucer and the ground, helping to stabilize your potted plant and make it more effective. Good protection.
  • Widely used: Suitable for all kinds of potted plants, like flowers, grasses, medicinal plants ,easy to match various potted shapes for decoration . Please pay attention to measure the bottom size of your potted plants, and then choose the right size to purchase.
  • 100% satisfied: brand products, quality assurance, if you are not satisfied with the product, please apply for a refund or contact customer service, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Additional Info :

Color Green

7. LEMMOM 5 Pack 10 inch Square Clear Plastic Plant Saucers, Plant Drip Trays for Pots to Collect Water Drainage for Indoor and Outdoor

Features :

  • Top Length: 9.9 inch, Bottom Length: 9.3 inch, Height: 0.8 inch.
  • Collects water and soil to prevent leaks and stains on household surfaces.
  • Made from 100% durable and recyclable PET. This pack could be re-used for years simply by washing them.
  • Ridges at the bottom could prevent plants from sitting in water.
  • Crystal clear construction makes the saucers invisible and easily match pots of different colors and material.

Additional Info :

8. 20 Pack Square Plant Saucer Plant Trays for Pots 10 Inch Plant Saucers for Outdoors and Indoor Clear Plant Pot Saucers Flower Pot Saucers to Catch Water Drip Tray (20, 10 in)

Features :

  • Super Value Package: Each package includes a 20 pack of 10 inch clear plastic plant saucers with great quality and a good price, excellent for multiple different uses.
  • Heavy-duty and Durable: Our plant trays for pots are specially made from thick and strong plastic; making them thicker and stronger than others. Durable enough to hold heavy pots.
  • Protect Your Household Surfaces: No need to worry about excess water or spilled soil staining or damaging your household surfaces, these plant saucers will catch excess debris and moisture with their waterproof design.
  • Multi-functional Application: Not only for use as a plant saucer, pebble trays for indoor plants, but they also can be used as a holder for candies and other items.
  • Crystal Clear Plastic: Collect excess water drainage and soil spillage, you can see how much water the plants are absorbing, keeps your space cleaner, and helps plants grow healthily.

Additional Info :

Color Clear
Item Dimensions
Height 1.2
Width 12
Length 12

9. Idyllize 6 Pack of 10 Inch Square Resin Plastic Plant Saucer for Indoor and Outdoor,Durable Heavy Duty Super Thick Plastic Drip Tray (Bottom Width 7.9 Inch)

Features :

  • Extremely Durable Sturdy
  • Weather Resistant and UV Protected
  • Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor
  • Top Width: 10″, Bottom Width: 7.9″
  • Quality assurance, if you are not satisfied with the product, please apply for a refund or contact customer service

Additional Info :

Color Light Brown

10. square farmer Black Plastic 10-inch drip Tray Drain Table Saucers for Plant pots with Pot Riser Plant Elevator (5-Pack)

Features :

  • 2-products-in-1! A garden saucer with a built-in plant riser to elevate your potted plant above overflow waste.
  • The square elevator saucer lifts your potted plant out of the muck for better breathing roots–and, a happier plant with healthier flowers and fruits.
  • Solves the problem of a potted plant sitting in–and, re-absorbing–water and nutrient run-off.
  • An elevated plant pot and the unit’s square shape allow for a greater amount of overflow capacity in the tray–which, keeps the run-off waste from spilling onto your floor, table, or patio deck.
  • Your elevated potted plant on a square farmer saucer is less likely to be attacked and affected by root rot–or, water logging.
  • The square shape makes it easier to shop vac overflow out of the saucers via its corners–and, also, to insert a pen to measure your run-off.
  • The built-in plant riser allows you to watch your plant’s run-off if necessary.
  • Easy to clean, easy to stack, easy to store.
  • Fortified platform with flexible walls makes the product super strong, but also lightweight.
  • Design-Patented and made in U.S.A. out of 100% recycled polypropylene plastic. (The 10″ units fit pots whose diameter base is less than 10 inches.)

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.65
Width 10.25
Length 10.25
Weight 0.2875

Things to Consider Before Buying 10 inch square plant saucer

Buying a new 10 inch square plant saucer is a simple task; however, this process can be stressful and confusing. Complicated things would always be complicated, right? But by surveying the market for user feedback, you can determine what a product does or does not. So to make your buying experience as hassle-free as possible from beginning to end, let’s learn our way around the most common considerations you’ll have when purchasing that new 10 inch square plant saucer. Some of these considerations include:

  • Do you want to spend more or less on a product? If you want to save money, you can get many affordable products. However, if you want to spend more, many premium products offer better quality and features than affordable ones.
  • What do you need? You need to know what exactly your requirement is and what type of features you need in your product before making a purchase decision.
  • Is the quality good enough? Quality is important because if you buy something of poor quality, then there is no point in buying it because it will not serve its purpose well.
  • How popular is the brand? Buying a product with a well-known brand name will ensure that they are reliable and durable. This may cost more, but it will be worth it in the long run if they function well and last longer than expected.
  • How much does shipping cost? While some online retailers offer free shipping, others may charge extra shipping costs. If this is going to be an issue with your order, then it’s important that you look into it.
  • What are other people saying about the product? Online reviews and ratings are excellent ways to discover what other people think about a particular product.

It is important to note that some 10 inch square plant saucer are better than others and should be bought at all costs. In this section, we will discuss some things to consider before buying.

The quality of the 10 inch square plant saucer

When purchasing any type of 10 inch square plant saucer, it is important to consider its quality. This means you must ensure they are durable and withstand wear and tear without easily falling apart or breaking down after use. For example, when buying a 10 inch square plant saucer, you must get one that has been made using high-quality materials so as not to waste your money on something that will not serve its purpose well.

The price of the 10 inch square plant saucer

Another factor to consider when buying 10 inch square plant saucer is their price tag. This is because it determines whether or not you can afford them, depending on your financial situation at any given time.

Is the product what you need?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before buying a certain product. If you do not know what you want, it would be better to go for something that you can use for many purposes or even for nothing. Doing this will make it much easier for you to find the right product for yourself. For example, looking for a 10 inch square plant saucer, it is important to look at its features and specifications before buying one. Also, ensure that the product’s features match what you need. If you want high performance or something similar, ensure those features are present in the 10 inch square plant saucer before buying it!

Is it affordable?

Affordability is another thing that must be considered before buying any 10 inch square plant saucer. The reason why affordability is so important is that if something is too expensive, then there might be other alternatives available in the market which would cost less than what you want to spend on the particular product and yet give you the same or even better results than the one which costs more than its worth! So keep this aspect in mind while looking for new products as well!

Look for reviews

Before buying a 10 inch square plant saucer, it’s important to research it and see what other people think about it. If possible, read some reviews from other people who have purchased the same product. This will give you an idea of how well-made the product is and whether or not it’s worth the money.

If there are no reviews for a particular product, consider visiting other websites that sell similar items. These sites may have customer feedback so that you can get an idea of how well-liked an item is by people who have used it before.

Customer service

When buying any product, customer service is very important. If you get good customer service from the seller, then there is a high probability that your purchased product will be of good quality. A good company will also offer after-sales services for their customers, which means that if there is any problem with your purchased items, they will help you fix or replace it without any hassle. This can save you money because you do not have to buy another product immediately.

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