Announcing Our Partnership With Advaiya

Socedo is pleased to announce its partnership with Advaiya after both sponsoring the Tech Marketing 360 conference in Dana Point this week. Together, we hope to aid in business-to-business ability to get the most out of marketing and social media. Because of Advaiya’s long-time record of success in leveraging technology for marketing, as well as its innate understanding of the importance of valuable engagement on social media, Advaiya is an indispensable partner when it comes to helping accomplish Socedo’s goals.

 Here are some other reasons why we chose each other:

Advaiya’s sole intent is to connect its customers to the right type of technology for their needs. As Socedo’s target customers are B2B companies, Advaiya’s global connection, as well as breadth of clients, makes this union a perfect fit. Advaiya frequently encounters businesses that are looking to forge deeper social relationships with their customers, something that Socedo specializes in.  Both of our foundations are based on creating technology that helps our customers achieve their B2B aspirations.

Socedo will work to connect Advaiya’s customers to their right audience. By using keywords and automation, users will be able to find their ideal target audience on social media and immediately engage with them. Socedo’s ability to identify and classify an audience appeals greatly to Advaiya and their clients. The easy connection points through our automation process ensure deeper social engagements are created, leading to successful lead generation.

As a service that works as a matchmaker, finding each user their ideal clients, we’re pleased to announce that we have found our partner!

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