5 Habits for Social Selling in 2022

As we enter the New Year head-on, it’s natural to reflect on the past. We learn from our mistakes and hope to implement the solutions in the new year. This is why we set goals, pledge resolutions, and commit to new habits. Just like you, we want our year with social media to be our best year. That’s why we’ve laid out the top 5 social selling habits we (and hopefully you) will try to adopt for 2022.

1. Keeping Your Feed Active

Tweeting three times a day makes your audience stay! By posting regularly you’re increasing the amount of time you’re visible to users. While we recommend at least three Tweets a day (because of the endless activity on Twitter), once a week on LinkedIn and Google + is sufficient. The reason behind adopting this habit is that you can begin to build yourself as a thought leader, showcasing the knowledge you have in your industry space. It also gives people more opportunities to see you, remember you, and want to follow you.

To keep this habit manageable, you don’t want to be frantically searching for your three Tweets the day of, or the hour (or minutes) before you want them to go out. This is where using scheduling tools like HootSuite or Buffer come into play. By scheduling posts, the pressure and stress of staying constantly active on social media is dramatically downgraded. So take some time to search for great articles and schedule them to be released throughout the week.

2. Favoriting Posts

Favoriting or liking doesn’t take long. Added bonus? You don’t have to think of a witty response to someone right off the bat. However, it still gets you on their radar by notifying them, showing them you’re interested in their content. Favourites also can instigate future conversations with potential leads and industry influencers.

Some easy ways of finding favourite-worthy content are by using keywords in Twitter search, applications like Socedo, or discovering content in your home feed.

3. Using Mobile

This is an easily attainable habit for 2022. Having social media apps on your phone enable you to check in our your social networks throughout the day. You can reply to people, share content, and be social, all the while on the move!

4. Replying to People Quickly

We all love to get the notification someone has ReTweeted us, mentioned us or shared our content in any way. It’s like a reassuring pat on the back that all the hard work you put into content curation is paying off. As you get a response on social media, try to take advantage of it as a conversation starter as soon as possible. If you make an effort to respond to that person within 30 minutes, there’s an even higher chance of getting a reply (since that’s when they’re already active on their devices).

We know it’s a really daunting idea for many (including us) to try to engage with every person who has responded or mentioned us in some way. The easiest method to replying is by asking a simple question. Example: Henry ReTweets a blog post you wrote. Ask him what part was most interesting, or how it pertains to his business. It also helps if you think of these social platforms as a very large, never-ending networking event. If someone were to come up to you and compliment you on your marketing strategy, or that infographic you created, you wouldn’t just say thank you and walk away. You would thank them and try to continue the conversation.

The more often you respond to users on social media, the more people you will have a chance to connect with. This interaction could lead to a future client, an introduction, or a future guest post on your blog. In our post 14 Reasons Why Every Professional Should Have a Twitter Account, we showcase successful Twitter users who built profitable relationships on Twitter by not letting conversations die out.

5. Celebrating the Small Victories

There’s a lot of disappointment on social media, an article you thought would do well no one noticed, a lead you thought had great potential didn’t pan out. It helps to deal with these letdowns by taking the time to reflect on your successes on social media. Remember the conversations that lead to something fruitful. Share those successes with people. Although these setbacks always seem to stick out, it’s important to remember that there’s more success on social media than failings.

The upside/downside of social media is that it is 24/7. You are involved with it day in and day out. By celebrating wins you’ll be reminded of why you’re doing this. While there’s a lot of instant gratification on these social networks, the victories that matter take time, energy, and communication. By adopting these five habits, you’ll be on the path to making 2022 your best year on social media. Good luck!

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