Grow Twitter Followers

Target an active audience based on job titles, interests, and location.

Drive Website Traffic

Targeted followers mean more engagement with your posts and more organic traffic.

Grow Your Marketing Database

Integrate with your marketing automation systems to add new B2B contacts.

Gain Audience Insight

Discover which influencers, events, and topics your audience cares about most.

A few of our delighted SMB and enterprise customers

Watch how Socedo turns your B2B social media presence into warm leads.

Find B2B leads continuously on social media with little effort. Engage them on Twitter and email to drive traffic and grow your database.

Quick setup and thorough lead identification makes this tool an easy 'set it and forget it' platform to bring new names to your website. I also love the genuine conversations the software encourages between our brand and prospects.

Alena Van Dalen,

Social Marketing Lead, Lenovo North America- Commercial Marketing

With Socedo, we're able to reach our target audience on Twitter at the right time-when they are already tweeting about relevant topics or engaging with content from influencers in our space, get on their radar with relevant content, and grow our marketing database with relevant contacts.

Matt Machado,

VP of Digital Marketing, Kaseya

Since we have a small team in place, I’m glad that Socedo is able to provide us with new followers and leads on a continuous basis, with minimal time investment from my team.

Ritu Singh,

Global Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, Verto Analytics

Traffic and engagement to our event pages doubled compared to event pages that aren't associated with a Socedo campaign.

Jim MacLeod,

Director of Creative and Digital Marketing, Extreme Networks

Socedo has allowed us to grow our presence on Twitter amongst a B2B human resources audience while providing new leads to our sales team and creating a positive ROI.

Nick Fishman,

Senior Vice President of Partners, Alliances at Sterling Talent Solutions

Socedo helped increase the number of leads following Apigee on Twitter by more than 50% while connecting those leads directly to our Marketo system.

Eszter Szikora,

Marketing Communications & Social Media Manager, Apigee

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