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Socedo Pricing Philosophy

B2B marketers have traditionally approached social media marketing and demand generation in silos. Many marketers see social media as the way to distribute their content and to engage their community. For lead generation, they turn to channels like email, SEO, advertising, retargeting, events, sponsorships, and list buys.

Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn provide a wealth of customer intelligence, and B2B marketers can find their best potential customers there. Our mission is to help B2B marketers use social media not just for engagement, but for revenue generation.

That’s why we created Socedo as an end-to-end product. It’s a demand generation system that empowers you to discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenue at scale. We are a partner you can trust to provide best in-class onboarding, training, and customer support, to make your marketing organization more successful.

Pricing FAQ

How does Socedo’s pricing work?

Our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is priced on a subscription basis. We have pricing models for small, medium and larger enterprises. The rate is determined by a few factors:

  • Number of prospects you engage with
  • Number of leads with corporate email addresses that you export
  • Number of campaigns you run
  • Integrations with CRM or Marketing Automation systems
  • Whether you want to utilize our Managed Services

All of our packages come with a standard six months agreement. We do charge a small, one-time onboarding fee.

What’s included in the pricing?

All of our pricing models including onboarding, webinar training and a dedicated customer success manager who can be reached by phone or by email.

Does Socedo provide services to help us deploy your solution?

Yes. Each customer gets a dedicated customer success manager who will help you set up and deploy Socedo correctly. This service is covered by the onboarding fee. On an on-going basis, your customer success manager will also act as a marketing consultant to help you reach your goals. This service is included in your subscription fee.

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