Lead Acceleration

Create more targeted campaigns, increase conversions and revenue with behavioral social data

75% to 95% of your marketing database is dormant. Lead Acceleration helps you identify the warm prospects in your database and engage them as soon as they show an interest in topics relevant to your business.

With Lead Acceleration, you can find those in your database who are just entering a buying cycle, based on their social media interactions with your brand, competitors, industry influencers, events and other topics of interest. 

Lead Acceleration helps your marketing team to:

  • Identify in-market buyers, using real-time buying signals from the social web
  • Accelerate pipeline and revenue with more targeted and real-time marketing campaigns
  • Lift conversion rates from Lead-to-MQL, MQL-to-SQL
  • Increase the ROI on your marketing automation system


Learn more about how to use behavioral social data in your marketing automation platform.

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-Phil Amato, Marketing Manager at Microsoft

“Socedo is helping us understand which of our existing leads are actively engaging, or have previously engaged with our Twitter handles and what they’re saying  The social data they provide on leads helps us identify warm leads in real-time so that the social media team can qualify leads directly on social, as well as lead score organic social engagements. We can now finally see the role that social plays in our prospects’ buying journey.”

How Lead Acceleration works


1. Socedo gets access to your marketing automation system and looks through each lead to match the lead’s email address to their social media profile.

2. Once Socedo identifies a match, it updates any fields that are missing on the lead with her social media profile and demographic info.

3. Socedo collects real-time soical media activities on your brands and topics, picking up buying signals and intent from warm leads in your database. This data is stored in each lead record’s Activity Log.

4. You can use this real-time behavioral social data to create real-time emails, score your leads and nurture leads on social to increase ROI from your marketing automation system.

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